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... That hungry feeling in your stomach even though I just ate, but only when I'm lying down. ... (3 replies)
... I have a constant burning raw feeling in my stomach, it centers around my belly button, sometimes dairy helps ease the burn but sometimes it makes it much worse. ... (3 replies)
... So for the past two weeks I've been waking up due to stomach pain, and a burning sensation from mid stomach to my throat. I keep regurgitating, and get nausea along with a little dizziness. I've had very little appetite and I am getting SO sick of it. ... (9 replies)

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Apr 10, 2014
... Is the chest pain more on one side then the other? (5 replies)
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Apr 9, 2014
... male, active and fit for the most part.. I was sick last week and experienced a variety of symptoms, including fever for a day and extreme weakness for about a week. ... (5 replies)
... o stop it two weeks later all has been hell since and trying new ppis, etc. I am supposed to go to University of Chicago next week, but not sure yet, i am REALLY sick of being poked and prodded and not sure if i want to find out how many ulcers there are yet. ... (20 replies)
... I've had an endoscopy and CT Scan but since having them my symptoms have changed and gotten much worse. I never had the burning stomach back when I had them and also wasn't getting the throat problems. ... (23 replies)
... i didnt know i have these until the stool wouldnt come out of my colon, with shooting pains, muscle spams feeling with twitching in my colon, ended up in ER....and found out i have these, and yes it is in my family health history with IBS. ... (4 replies)
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Aug 18, 2006
... and the drainage is making me feel bad and not want to eat but if I don't eat my stomach gets worse. Vicious cycle! I ate a cup of soup and a piece of toast at lunch now I need to go force myself to eat something else. ... (24 replies)
... I kept feeling what I thought were palpitations and kept checking my pulse and would worry myself silly if I felt it was too high or too low. ... (1 replies)
... d Reflux disease and a medium sized Hiatal Hernia back in January of this year. I originally sought medical advice when I started waking up everyone morning with burning in my stomach. It was a raw feeling that was similar to the feeling of starvation. At first my doctor thought it was possibly an ulcer or bacterial infection. ... (2 replies)
... I have a lot of sweats, hot flashes, dizziness, sick to my stomach, brain fog and aches and pains. Along with that the burning in the stomach, lump in throat, burning in the chest, and oh yes anxiety but a different kind than regular....can't explain that one. My hormones are all over the place. ... (13 replies)
... It has been 9 months and the reflux continues. Added to the sick to my stomach feeling, feeling shakey, burning in my stomach, chest, throat, anxiety and not stomach aches. All the test are negative from two doctors. Still taking nexium. Still careful what I eat. Having a lot of gas and IBS acting up. ... (9 replies)
... I could be very wrong but from all my research, but I suspect it is the Upper Esophogeal Sphincter not closing off the stomach vapor as it should. Drs use lower level acid reducers and PPIs. My Drs in 2009 quickly graduated me from the acid reducers to PPIs. ... (14 replies)
... in those ingredients but its pill form. They are really ment to help breakdown food in your stomach. I would never put that stuff in your mouth. No wonder it was burning after a while. ... (91 replies)
... e, in the back of my sinuses. It would get much worse after eating or drinking. Coupled with the worsening cold, I went into urgent care. I told the doctor I was sick and that I also thought food and drink were regurgitating into my sinuses. ... (12 replies)
... I just spoke to a very helpful pharmacist. I asked him if they sold bataine HCL , he asked me what made me think I had low stomach acid since I'm only 19 and it isn't likely. ... (9 replies)
... pentin ". They helped with the prostate problem although I eventually came off the antibiotics. I always never felt myself after coming off them , just generally feeling more run down than I did before taking them. ... (14 replies)
... This isn't nessicerely about Acid Reflux but i do get some of the symptoms and have had Severe GERD before. Anyways I'm 18 and for the past 4 months i've had stomach problems! ... (0 replies)
... I have been taking the natural remedies for 10 days now. Last week I had lost my appetite and was feeling really sick, my stomach was "full" all the time and sore and I had horrible chest pain and burning throat. ... (68 replies)

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