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... Thank you all so much for the responses......When I was scoped 2 years ago the first time my food would not go down they found nothing but that was 2 years ago..... ... (12 replies)
... The problem does not sound like it is in the stomach but rather in the esophagus. You need to find a swallowing disorders clinic for evaluation. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there! I was going through the same thing for almost all of 2011, and yes breads were the worst about passing at first and then it became almost everything I ate. I hated to eat in public and would never eat alone because it got so bad. ... (7 replies)

... I am not sure if anyone has responded to your post but here goes, In no way should this advice or information ever be used as a diagnoses and if you feel you have an emergency you should seek professional medical help. ... (7 replies)
... (7 replies)
... I have had asthma my whole life, in recent years symptoms have died down unless I am sick like I was earlier this year in February with Bronchitis. ... (0 replies)
... Ok, I've taken a read through of all the threads in here relating to my symptoms and I can't find one that has ALL of the specifics I am going to be mentioning. Some of them are very strange and hard to describe so please bear with me. ... (7 replies)
... I have never been in a situation where there is no reasonable solution. There are only three and for me, none of them is remotely reasonable to the point where I could start snatching myself from this severe depression. ... (7 replies)
... I hope you r feeling better...i will say that all my problems started from stress...yes it is a bad thing,,,my mother was in the hospital and had open heart surgery,,she was up and down for 3 months and the day before they were going to release her she passed stress was through the roof.. ... (26 replies)
... strange, mine came on VERY suddenly too, like i know the exact date and where i was at. ... (7 replies)
Jun 9, 2014
... Thanks, the throat lump does go when i relax because i went outside a few seconds ago and went on my bike and felt fine and about the chest pain, well at first it hurt with everything like food, water however now water does not hurt anymore and only big peices of food hurt the pipe? ... (3 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
May 6, 2006
... your symptons sound like you have a hiatal hernia as well as your GERD. Try Gaviscon and see if it relievs some of the pain. ... (95 replies)
Could i have gerd?
Jun 25, 2016
... i am new to this..26 yr old healthy female who doesn't drink or smoke. i have been having digestive problems that are now ruining my life and i am now unable to eat food comfortably. After every single thing i eat.. ... (0 replies)
... I have been newly diagnosed with Gerd and have experienced many of the same symptons and have been on meds for 5days with not much improvement. ... (2 replies)
... Don't be scared and try to relax...I've been going through some medical mysteries myself in the past 6 months. ... (9 replies)
... My tongue always feels raw and burnt like I burnt my tongue drinking something too hot. It also feels swollen. ... (1 replies)
... I sincerely feel for each and ever one of you too. This is living hell!!! ... (32 replies)
Jun 9, 2014
... Welcome to the boards! I would not be worried about any symptom that happens only once, first of all. If the chest pain when you swallow food keeps occurring, you need to see your Dr. and get it checked out. Also, just notice if it happens with liquids too if it recurs. ... (3 replies)
... I also got upper stomach which I would put down to hunger or whatever. I would wake up with a sore throat nearly every morning, have a strange acidic taste in my mouth most of the time. ... (2 replies)
... The past couple of weeks I have been noticing a lump in my throat feeling as well as a choking sensation, and some difficulty swallowing. A couple of times I even gagged when I was not eating or drinking. So I looked up these symptoms and learned about heart burn. ... (2 replies)

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