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... oe thing i never do is read the side effects cause lord and behold ill have them all i to have real bad anxity but do call your doc just to be safe when i to have a attck my throat feels like it is closing and im feel asif iam choking gl sweetheart your in my prayers (5 replies)
... It sounds like you have both asthma and VCD. I have both along with reflux and Just right now I am very miserable. ... (10 replies)
... I am new here, and haven't read all the posts, but the ones I have read many people mention "throat" issues, as in closing etc.. ... (10 replies)

... definitly not just you... I am suffering just as bad even worst.. now I feel like I am having the worst diarrhea ever together with headache! ... (11 replies)
Acid Rebound? Help
May 21, 2012
... put a little lemon on my food. I read lemon helps, but I'm sure that's why I started having burning pain. At least before the reflux wasn't hurting, it was just like watering coming up. All day today it's felt like acid and my throat feels like its closing up. ... (65 replies)
... About 2 months ago, I started having a burning sensation in my airway when I exhale. I thought it might be reflux, although I really don't feel anything coming up in my throat. I tried Rolaids, and now have tried Prilosec OTC for the past 10 days with no real improvement. ... (1 replies)
... About a year and a half. Constant burning stomach from which I've learned I can't digest carbs , nausea at night , burning throat that feels like its closing up , weight loss ( probably partly through stopping carbs ) , as mentioned shaking , light headedness , I'm B9 and B12 deficient , multiple food allergies. A nightmare really. Not much I can do about it though !. (10 replies)
... center of my throat just below my adam's apple. ... (21 replies)
... I don't take medicine for my acid reflux due to this phobia. It seems like every time I eat it feels like food gets stuck in lower throat and sometimes chest. My saliva seems to increase and I feel like there is phlegm all in throat to where I am clearing my throat, coughing or burping constantly. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, I'm 20 years old and a smoker. Around 4 months ago I started getting a feeling like my throat was closing up, sort of tightening, it lasted around 4 weeks, I went to see my GP in fear that it was something serious, I had blood tests done for my thyroid profile and they came back all fine, I'm a VERY anxious person and I suffer with bad anxiety, when the tests came... (15 replies)
... closing up and I'm trying to breathe through a straw. ... (10 replies)
... I have been on aciphex 30mg, prevacid, nexium, levaquin, zyrtec, claratin, anxiety pills. Nothing helps!! Aciphex made my levels go up over 500 so was taken off of them. I take pepcid complete now. My symptoms are getting worse. ... (107 replies)
... I have a small Hiatal Hernia as well also Diverticulitis.Seems like a number of these Digestive symptoms cause similar problems. ... (19 replies)
... in your throat. I'm not sure why it seems to help in the daytime, too, but it does, at least for me. After 3 years I'd forgotten about those nights when I woke up and ran to the sink to vomit the acid...but your situation brings those memories back. I feel for your suffering. ... (7 replies)
... Iamtired, what medicines have you tried, and what dosages have you tried? and have the medicines made any difference? also when do you notices your symptoms are worse??? do you notice anything different when u wake up? Ive been stuggling with what feels like my throat is closing up also, I think mine (107 replies)
... which is causing my not being able to breath feeling. As my tongue feels like it's burnt when this happens I would have to agree with him that it's acid. I tried to push for a sleep test but was told I didn't need it. ... (7 replies)
... Looseball, I am not sure if anyone has responded to your post but here goes, In no way should this advice or information ever be used as a diagnoses and if you feel you have an emergency you should seek professional medical help. Anxiety can cause many if not all of the problems that you have listed except the blood you are coughing up. PVCs or other heart arrhythmia:... (7 replies)
... My saliva was normal, until it got to the back of my throat in this exact same area. When it hit here, it literally felt as if it turned to phlegm and I could not swallow it. ... (7 replies)
... wn the back of my throat. Coughing until I almost vomited. I thought at first it was a sinus infection but it never went away. I had hoarseness and a slight sore throat but the coughing was relentless. In the morning I would feel like I was choking to death. I did my research and found I fit the LPR syndrome. ... (2 replies)
I need help
Mar 28, 2008
... but nothing comes up. The musus is thick though. My tummy feels alittle upset but I don't throw up oe anything. I feel sometimes I can't breath. I burp ALL THE TIME and it's very annoying. ... (7 replies)

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