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... and on Wednesday I got my results back from my Esophageal Manometry test and was diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility. In short, it means that my muscles in my esophagus aren't working to push food down after I eat. ... (4 replies)
... something called schatzki rings. that is what i have. Food gets stuck on occasion and it can be very painful. ive had to be hospitalized 2 times for it and have the rings stretched. ... (3 replies)
... hour test very difficult. I was aware of the tube in my nose and throat the whole time and my throat was so raw at that point and any movement of my head was painful because of the tube in my nose. ... (39 replies)

... but you're left with very very painful clamping down of the esophagus. I've had it and it is terrible. I had my esophagus stretch with edoscopy and it helped greatly. Scar tissue from constant GERD can also narrow the esophagus and cause the spasms and even cause food to get stuck. ... (12 replies)
... p is that right after being released from the hospital, I had to make two trips to the emergency room in order to have my surgeon "clear" scrambled eggs that got stuck in my esophagus. ... (7 replies)
... survived my gastro..still having painful throat.. ... (37 replies)
... A few hours later when I was lying down for bed, my esophagus began burning in a way I had never experienced, almost like the lining had been ripped to shreds. ... (7 replies)
... bronchitis or pneumonia. I've had several of them and quite a bit of scarring in my lungs because of it. Anyway, he informed me that acid reflux can irritate the esophagus and contribute to bronchial infections. I was surprised, but in reading more, I've discovered that it's true. He presricbed asiphex. ... (7 replies)
... reflux issues, though relatively minor until this Monday, just a few days ago. I suddenly felt as though there was a giant piece of food stuck in my chest, and nothing was going down nicely. ... (0 replies)
... I feel so sad, I feel that the depression is worst than my symptoms. I don't feel that bloated, now I feel a sore and like painful feeling in my throat or esophagus I can't tell. Now I'm scared of eating and when I eat I feel that my heart starts beating faster and that I'm like getting food stuck... ... (68 replies)
... That does sound painful, could be your esophogaus have you tried anything like zantac or prilosec two a day? prilosec is the same as nexium if you take it 2 a day its basically the same thing. Also you cant just take it when you feel the burp happening you have to do this every day two a day for it to work. But it will only work if you think its an acid issue if not it may... (3 replies)
... This sounds like esophageal spasms. Instead of going down, food goes part of the way down and then stays there so you have that stuck in the throat sensation, or it goes back up again. Sometimes the spasms themselves can feel like you are trying to swallow broken glass. ... (10 replies)
Dec 2, 2010
... I have always had issues with acid reflux and peptic ulcers. But here in the last two weeks, when I eat my food gets stuck in my lower esophagus and will not go down completely until I take a drink, which then hurts from the pressure of the fluid pushing it down. ... (2 replies)
... re I feel the spasms going through my back. Sometimes the spasms are triggered after I take a bit of food. Just now I ate a bit of bagel, felt the 'lump' in my esophagus and the pains started. ... (0 replies)
... Next day started with the lump in the esophagus, pain, felt like an apple was stuck in there. Didn't comtinue with aciphex because I got a bad headache and dizzy. Started with Zantac 2x a day, saw no real improvement. ... (10 replies)
... In the last year i have had soem episodes of bloating feelings after food etc, sometimes leading to feelings of nausea, however never had any heart burn or similar. ... (3 replies)
... My daughter also has Eosinophilic esophagitis, so I know about it. Did you know it is a chronic autoimmune disease? Your immune system is attacking your esophagus (causing sore throats, inability to swallow, maybe choking on your food). I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is no cure. Treatment includes pills, liquid inhalers (an inhaler that you swallow) and sometimes... (24 replies)
... ertain that the yeast is through the entire GI tract including the esophagus. The symptoms are not only seeing the yeast in the mouth etc but trouble swallowing, painful swallowing, food feeling as if it's stuck in the chest and esophagus. ... (9 replies)
Aug 25, 2016
... It takes several weeks to months for your body to adjust to the wrap. If your stomach or esophagus hurts, ask your doctor to prescribe carafate suspension. The biggest issue is swallowing. Avoid fluids are are hot or cold with ice. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, not sure if similar to yours. But I had rebound at night when nexium worn off and it felt like I drink a cup of acid and esophagus was burning. Happend 3 days in row so I slept upright. But unfornstley my insides burnt and now have trouble swallong etc. ... (65 replies)

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