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... ng through the same thing for almost all of 2011, and yes breads were the worst about passing at first and then it became almost everything I ate. I hated to eat in public and would never eat alone because it got so bad. I never experienced heartburn until a few months before the swallowing troubles came on. ... (7 replies)
... My primary complaint for a few years has been that food is slow to go down my esophagus, or doesn't go down at all. I have no difficulty with the voluntary "swallowing" action. ... (7 replies)
... It all started back in September of last year when I had my worst acid attack. I never had that bad of an attack. ... (15 replies)

... years ago my GP sent me to a gastroenterologist because I had heartburn and reflux. They did an endoscopy and discovered thru biopsy I had a bacterial infection in my stomach called H. Pylori. Supposedly it's pretty common, but only a few get really sick from it. ... (2 replies)
... Hello all, I'm pretty new to these boards. I was referred to a GI by a pulmonary specialist whom I was referred to for the nodules in my lungs. They will be monitored, however, the pulmonary doctor believes that they are scar tissue from a recent bout with bronchitis or pneumonia. ... (7 replies)
... It's not often that I get the feeling that food is stuck. It's usually during some really trying stressful time that it happens. ... (12 replies)
... This sounds like esophageal spasms. Instead of going down, food goes part of the way down and then stays there so you have that stuck in the throat sensation, or it goes back up again. Sometimes the spasms themselves can feel like you are trying to swallow broken glass. ... (10 replies)
... Is it normal for food to get the "stuck felling"? ... (12 replies)
... been so depressed over this too! I always feel the same as you as far as waking up to knowing you will have to face another day of struggling with the hassle of eating because of ongoing throat issues. ... (14 replies)
... Start cutting back on food portions and cut back on your workouts for just a bit. ... (6 replies)
... I have minor cerebral palsy and it has effected my speech somewhat. I had no problems with eating and chewing. I have just been a slow eater all my life, currently 31 years old. ... (2 replies)
... this showed the Herniated stomach. I now take a prescription for Acid reflux called Omeprazole 20mg, and have been instructed to avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before sleeping. To Avoid Caffiene, Alchohol and Fatty Foods. These 3 cause Reflux as well... ... (9 replies)
... day before yesterday, out of the blue, my throat started to feel strange. we had just finished eating pizza. ... (5 replies)
... Hi can you please describe the chest pain? Is it constant? I have chest pain where if I move the tissue hurts or something hurts in the chest area (30 replies)
... I had a Nissen Fundo in January of 2009 at the age of 31. I have had acid reflux and GERD since my early teen years. It was treated with various meds, but they never worked well. ... (30 replies)
... well, in my experience when tehy say 'soft foods' it meant basically soup broth and jello for the next little bit. ... (4 replies)
... The lump in the throat basically means your muscles are tightening up and need to relax. ... (46 replies)
... Good luck with the capsule, Lele. I hope all goes well and that your esophagus heals and there's no discomfort after a couple of days. ... (12 replies)
... cause as I said when I asked gastrologist about it he said only hugely inflamed throat gets to be stretched and that mine isn't THAT MUCH inflamed. ... (37 replies)
... You are incorrect in your assertion that the Nissen Fundoplication needs to be "redone" based on age alone. ... (7 replies)

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