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... throat. It was towards the top. I didn't think much of it. This was bothersome in the morning for the week. My breath in the morning was worse than I recall on a typical day. ... (2 replies)
... Ever since, I've felt like I have something stuck in my esophagus. There's no burning pain, but it just feels really, really uncomfortable. ... (3 replies)
... Oh my God. The same thing has been wrong with me. I was diagnosed initially with LPR and on Wednesday I got my results back from my Esophageal Manometry test and was diagnosed with esophageal dysmotility. ... (4 replies)

... Thanks...Just FYI, the sensation left the same day later on in the evening. It didn't happen because I drank or ate anything. Just left on it's own. ... (3 replies)
... at but it's "just" inflammation there from the acid. I just went to the ear nose and throat doc yesterday with this symptom, and that's what she said. She put me on meds for three months, so we shall see. Feel better, hope the Prilosec works. ... (3 replies)
... Last December some roast actually got stuck in my esophagus and I had an emergency egd to remove it. I was put on Prilosec 40 mg. ... (7 replies)
... es often have them. They will do an esophageal manometry that measures muscle activity and acidity in the esophagus. Also a barium swallow to see what shape your esophagus is in. ... (2 replies)
... I've had a problem with swallowing food for years. ... (11 replies)
... My primary complaint for a few years has been that food is slow to go down my esophagus, or doesn't go down at all. I have no difficulty with the voluntary "swallowing" action. ... (7 replies)
... Start cutting back on food portions and cut back on your workouts for just a bit. Make sure you workout on an empty stomach and not after you eat to make sure that food is not getting pushed back up into your esophagus. Crunches are bad for reflux symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... I was on a constant parade back and forth to the Dr.'s. Which is why I want to have some knowledge before I go back and they just brush me off. ... (0 replies)
... something called schatzki rings. that is what i have. Food gets stuck on occasion and it can be very painful. ive had to be hospitalized 2 times for it and have the rings stretched. ... (3 replies)
... I have the same sensation where as soon as I eat food feels like it is stuck in my throat. If I bend over it just come back up undigested. ... (7 replies)
... prescribe PPI's, and you WILL have pain if you go on these for too long. ... (7 replies)
... Leo, only rarely. I can count the number of times I've experienced proper heartburn on one hand. ... (7 replies)
... up, how long must one be on a PPI to repair damage to the esophagus? ... (7 replies)
... shakes and the big meals I would eat. But when I stopped that for months it felt like it was just getting worse and I'm only 19. I feel like there is a piece of food stuck in my esophagus at times when i get this reflux. I even had an endoscopy done and they only found irritation at the bottom of the esophagus. ... (6 replies)
... says I have acid reflux, so he had me take pepcid. I've been taking it 3 times a day for 6 months and it isn't helping. He put a scope down my throat and said my esophagus was narrow at the top and bottom, so he stretched it during a procedure. It doesn't feel better at all. It seems like it's worse! ... (2 replies)
... If so it is common with it to for the acid to irrate the esophagus into making it swell up. That can make it hard for food to get down if it is swollen. try an antiacid once or twice a day if you not already on one. If you are you might need a stronger one. ... (1 replies)
... The doctor had me sit on the examining room table and he gave me a bottle of anesthetic spray and had me inject my nostril and breathe it in so it would also trickle down my throat. ... (39 replies)

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