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... iety is a bit of an outdated response by doctors who don't know what else to call it. If it were so simple, I would have cured it on the days I am the most calm, not thinking of it at all, playing with the dog, etc. ... (15 replies)
... I've only had blood work done. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on my throat soon and ill let you know how that goes! ... (15 replies)
... flu symptoms for some stupid reason I got a starbucks frappachino but of course to be smart I got that low calorie one with the soy or something.. Bad idea, I've never been big on Coffee or any caffeine, I never drink it... ... (0 replies)

Symptoms of GERD
Feb 3, 2008
... I'll give you a start and sure others can add on as we each experience some but not all. I started of just feeling like crap and felt tlike something was stuck in my throat. Sent to so many Dr's I can't count but here goes. Keep in mind that mine turned into the LPR kind continues. ... (6 replies)
... ower seeds, yogurt, even hot tea, AND a banana ....STILL THERE!! It almost felt like a plastic wrap type of obstruction....I was scared. I swallow, breathe okay, but I STILL felt it. I'm panicing overtime. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone I dont know whats worng with me first i thought I was allergic to advair asthmainhaler, I have gastritis and acid reflux but after teh doc gave me prednisole for the so called allergic reaction I had form advair that got my throat swollen, I am confused. ... (7 replies)
... I have had bouts of choking on food going on ten years now. Sometimes I lose weight and other times I stay stable. ... (29 replies)
Possible LPR??
Nov 30, 2011
... hat I would get almost like a "knot" or "lump" at the bottom of my throat. Then it started to happen more frequently. Like with ANY type of physical exercise. My throat and upper chest would seem to "tighten" as well. Fast forward 3 months and I'm suddenly short of breathe. Like CRAZY short of breathe. ... (1 replies)
... I have tried Prevacid and it actually made my symptoms worse and made me feel like my throat was closing up. ... (9 replies)
... It is annoying indeed, im sorry you have to go through all this, i wanted to pursue a singing career before this,i took singing lessons before this and i thought all my problems (vocal fatigue breathiness) were due to technique so did my vocal coach and i busted my ass off practicing trying to correct what i thought was my fault, i was wrong it was LPR, now i can't sing a... (16 replies)
... effective. After doing some research recently I decided due to the unsettling side effect of long term use of PPI's I'm not willing to rely on them any longer. I have also made many lifestyle changes over these last 14 years with none offering any relief. ... (45 replies)
... c of a lump I felt in my throat he told me I had acid reflux and referred me to a GI. ... (16 replies)
... I am sorry you are having so much trouble I use to have the problem with swallowing but all test were neg too I found that I was just thinking to much about it i know makes me sound crazy right . ... (6 replies)
... I've been on a completely liquid diet for almost a month now due to fears of choking on solid food because it felt like food was getting stuck in my throat due to my reflux. My endoscopy was normal and my biopsy was negative for H. pylori. ... (6 replies)
... it not worsened with eating and then my allergist happens to know that many asthma patients will suspect its asthma related when in fact they have reflux and do not know it. ... (68 replies)
... phlegm in my throat for several months. Its pretty stubborn, as I usually have trouble bringing it up or moving it down. ... (65 replies)
... swallow without any trouble, but when i eat, it's something in my throat to prevent it from going down, but the food hasn't got stuck as of yet. I also feel a little tender in my throat. Also my burping has diminished, because i guess, that the obstruction work in both ways. ... (5 replies)
... I have been having the same issue for close to 4 years. I thought it might be the tongue weakening, however, I'm only 32!! I also have very mild cerbral palsy, but this really came on very suddenly and hasn't gone away. ... (6 replies)
... A couple of years ago everything that I ate felt like it got stuck in my throat. I was so terrified, I thought I was dying. I didn't eat and lost 18 lbs. ... (3 replies)
... feel like food gets thrown up into my nose or like way in the back of my throat. I know this is not in my head because I'll start choking and coughing until some kind of matter comes out. I assume this is undigested food. Thick mucus crap. ... (4 replies)

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