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... o and it is driving me crazy. It is CONSTANT. In addition from time to time depending on which way my head is turned it's like I can't swallow at all, like the throat closed up. I either gotta move my head a bit or massage my neck and then it gets "unstuck" I also started burping a lot since this happened. ... (4 replies)
... s new VCD term popping up and finding out that the symptoms are so much like the ones I am dealing with down to the exercises helping, I realize how irritated my throat had become... ... (10 replies)
... I was no closer to any answer. I found much research that said that gerd and other throat issues are frequently dietary related, specifically food allergies. ... (2 replies)

... an trigger it and none of them are allergic foods for me. They just trigger. As I said, pudding can do it for me and frequently does. I don't know if it's in the food or the texture or what but most of the time it doesn't do anything and then BANG! I'm closed up. It does tend to come in spurts... ... (10 replies)
... Some kind of lump feeling in throat and sometimes around chest. ... (1 replies)
... River did you try Betaine HCL ? I took a few tablets with protein but I am afraid to take too many. Do you think your LPR got better with Betaine? thnx (21 replies)
... In the room I was on the verge of tears, I didn't actually cry but any thought of that big tube being shoved down my throat caused me to feel quite scared. So more waiting there. Changed into the gown, I did get to keep my pants on at least. ... (8 replies)
... I would like to discuss with you about your theory of "sufficient acid makes the sphincter closed tight". I guess you mean that certain level of acid makes the sphicter shut, right? ... (21 replies)
... Acid reflux or heartburn occurs when strong stomach acid leaks back up into the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube which carries food from your mouth to your stomach. ... (70 replies)
... uick intro to myself. For years I have suffered with post nasal drip which developed in recent years into voice hoarseness and voice loss at times. Also a lot of throat clearing and acid at the back of my throat in the mornings. Results showed that I had a large hiatus hernia and free flow reflux. ... (0 replies)
... posted this. How ironic. I have been feeling like this for days now with my recent reflux flare up. I thought I was imagining things but now I know I am not. My throat is so full of mucus and gunk and today while I was on my cell phone at the bank with my friend I had to stop mid sentence and get a breath and swallow gunk. ... (10 replies)
... you will need to chew food well before swallowing. Be expecially careful with bread and meat. ... (15 replies)
... Yeah, guess we're gonna have to take it easy. I too am young, 27, active (when not having this flare) and have a lot of great things in my life. I am also a type A personality and like things to be done right. I put a lot of unneeded stress on myself and I know I hold in the stress to achieve. I'm an artist so I really want to get back on my feet and be in the print shop or... (18 replies)
... Hopefully I can get some opinions on this. After taking prescribed Pepcid, now my appetite is back and nausea is gone, however now my throat feels swollen, and now I have a small cough, lots of phlegm and congestion. ... (53 replies)
... Does anyone know if food that sits in the stomach for a long time can happen with Gerds? ... (3 replies)
... up to Oregon... while mom's lower valve was cinched all right.... she could at first barely get a bite or two down of dinner and then basically, the LES bacame a closed door. Miserable! Now she is on a feeding tube. ... (3 replies)
... inflammed my lungs. I'm having problems now though. All tests show the surgery is holding like it should, but my reflux was very severe and they can't totally closed off your esophagus and stomach or you couldn't eat. I have the acid hitting my lungs and throat in gaseous form though. That is tougher to control. ... (11 replies)
... As for my swallowing problem, I just have to take my pills with food to wash them down. And eat smaller bites when I eat. I guess thats all I can do. My throat always feels half closed, do you know what I mean? ... (5 replies)

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