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Acid Reflux GERD
Sep 2, 2013
... I have a very varied diet and eat out twice a day at restaurants, however I have omitted very spicy foods and limit alcohol to two or three drinks once a week and also limit caffeine. I was advised to also reduce white rice intake. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sure you have been informed about diet - avoid acid foods, spicy foods, and alcohol is bad too; and when lying down, have your head and chest well elevated. I sleep on four thick pillows. All of these things do help. Like you, I can go several days, sometime a week or more, if I watch my diet carefully, but when I have a flare-up, it is very uncomfortable! I don't... (14 replies)
... I've also been told to avoid chocolate as well, which I will begrudgingly do. ... (11 replies)

... fat foods are not a good idea. I've had LPR for months and still don't know what my food triggers are. ... (4 replies)
... If your eating a banana everyday already than your fine. Every one is different. For me, bananas have too much sugar and are hard on my system. With GERD you have to be careful to not write off a food so quickly...,look at an overall pattern. Sounds like your fine with bananas. ... (4 replies)
Foods to avoid
Aug 8, 2007
... I would also love to have a list of foods. Do you have LPR or GERD? I have LPR and it seems that it doesnt matter what I eat, everything aggravates it. (6 replies)
... Avoid spicy foods, caffeine, chocolate (1 replies)
... I'm in UK and at my GP Practice I had to have an endoscopy before being prescribed a PPI. I was happy to go on it at the time not knowing about rebound acid reflux and side effects PPI'S are useful for healing ulcers and gastritis short term and long term for those with Barratts Oesophagus ect, but I believe they shouldn't be taken lightly otherwise My second endoscopy... (2 replies)
Gerd and Influenza
May 19, 2016
... elpful for acid reflux, but it is not appropriate for cases such as yours where the membrane of the digestive tract is probably sore, if not raw. You are wise to avoid alcohol and spicy foods. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you for the tips, the problem is I already have been following this, that's why my gastroenterology, decided not to prescribe PPI, and told me to keep using Gaviscon during the night since during the day I have not big issues except for clearing my throat, I will get the PH 24 Hours test. Can you have LPR for 2 years without any damage inside? Everything inside my... (7 replies)
... You can try some simple measures to help. Lose weight if you need to and don't wear right clothes. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, tomatoes, raw onions, fatty and spicy foods. Elevate the head end of your bed. Eat smaller meals and eat your evening meal early. ... (7 replies)
... ain, not because he has an underlying condition but simply becasue the lining of the oesophagus was already irritated. You need to make sure he is not taking any foods that are spicy or hot or anything that might further hurt his inflammation. The inflammation will heal, just like a sore throat. ... (2 replies)
... Well it's known to avoid fatty stuff, chocolate, mints, tomato sauces ect... ... (2 replies)
... The standard recommendations are to avoid the following: -Alcohol -Coffee and other caffeinated drinks -Chocolate -Citrus fruit-based juices -Tomato based sauces -Mint and mint-flavored foods/candies It's also recommended that you not eat anything for at least 3 hours before going to bed, raise the head of your bed 4"-6" and try to sleep on your left... (2 replies)
... Does anyone have a link or a list of the foods you should avoid with acid reflux? ... (2 replies)
... year long which is very unusual for normal allergies. my mom never believed them at all. and i didnt know what to think. i figured out that after eating certain foods i get a migraine after maybe 20 of eating. ... (10 replies)
... year long which is very unusual for normal allergies. my mom never believed them at all. and i didnt know what to think. i figured out that after eating certain foods i get a migraine after maybe 20 of eating. ... (10 replies)
... ers. Mine are chocolate, caffeine, herbal teas, bananas, tomato sauce, yogurt, lots of carbs all at once, i.e., a big sphaghetti dinner, red wine, etc. Even some foods that are typically healthy, I cannot tolerate. As long as I avoid those triggers, I can control my heartburn with the H2 blocker and eating smaller meals. ... (6 replies)
... hanges to reduce reflux. It might take a few weeks to see the benefits, but if it is reflux, it'll help. Eat small meals, don't eat anything close to bedtime. Avoid coffee, smoking and alcohol, along with fried foods and peppermint. ... (3 replies)
... thing. A food that is fine for someone will be big trouble for someone else. It may be worthwhile to keep a food diary and relate how you feel to what you eat. Avoid those things that make you feel bad. It doesn't take much to upset the balance. ... (26 replies)

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