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... (11 replies)
... Just to give a little background my problems started last August(can't believe still suffering almost year had gone by) with little burning around the belly button, which then became sharp stabbing pains, by first GI was diagnosed with mild gastritis(upper GI endoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy) and H pylori positive, which was successfully eradicated, went on prevacid, which didn't... (11 replies)
... My throat has like a real, real sensitive feeling to it. ... (1 replies)

... These feelings are normal with people with GERD in my opinion. Your throat feels sensitive from acid coming up (and if you don't throw up) going back down. From experience I can tell you that when you don't eat a lot for a while, it hurts worse. This is because its almost all acid coming up. If you have food in your body, the food will decrease the feeling of the acid... (1 replies)
... will feel swollen and stiff, and sometimes like my tongue is pulling towards the left. This leads to a feeling of my throat being tightened and that my airway is diminished. It doesn't hurt much and its not so bad that I can't breathe or anything, its just very uncomfortable. ... (68 replies)
... problems. Many people with GERD have throat issues as a result of the acid coming all the way up into the throat and irritating it. ... (11 replies)
Dry Throat
Feb 27, 2008
... My throat also feels dry at times. It seems worse at certain times of day for some reason. Have you been drinking enough fluids? ... (10 replies)
Mucous in throat
Nov 21, 2007
... But it seems to be helping. I have been clearing my throat slowly but surely just by drinking plenty of hot fluid, and using a method of clearing my throat and it seems to break off little chunks of, what I call my mucous plate, at a time. ... (2 replies)
... worked well for me...then the other is where you breath out of your mouth with lips pursed while making the ffffff sound....I have done both of these and had my throat relax... ... (10 replies)
... My symptoms are exactly and I mean exactly the same as yours all the way down to the pepper reaction. Right now it feels like my throat is swollen and I have been clearing my throat all day. Not really a sore throat but kind of scratchy. I belch on and off all day. ... (9 replies)
... A new symptom I've had is the feeling of a tickle in my throat and occasional sore throat. It also feels as though I have mucous or phlegm in my throat. ... (12 replies)
Lump in throat?
Aug 23, 2005
... I also have the feeling of a lump in my throat, and the funny thing that caught my eye was that I got mine as well after seeing a Chiropractor. ... (36 replies)
... lump in throat sensation. This appears to be classic LPRD or silent reflux. Your experiences and sensation may differ. ... (15 replies)
... idn't really explain the mucous, but I strongly suspect that my body produces excess mucous in a desperate attempt to protect the delicate mucous membranes in my throat and nose that are constantly being bathed in acid. ... (13 replies)
... he only one with this issue too. I had never thought it could be acid reflex but I do have problems with that on and off. I went to my allergist today because my throat feels tight and swollen. I am scared it just close up and I can't breathe. Tonight I feel like my chest is all tight. I wonder if I do have a touch of asthma. ... (11 replies)
... Had salivia in my throat or mouth and could not swallow. ... (11 replies)
... I have a sore throat every day. It's been going on for probably 4 months now. ... (11 replies)
... me a couple of questions in your post. No, I wasn't on 3 different PPIs all at once. None of them seemed to work all that well for me in terms of the lump in the throat issue so after 2 or 3 weeks on one, I'd try another. I still haven't gone off Nexium but the doctor told me I could. I plan to come off very slowly. ... (19 replies)
... is so heavy sticky and clear in color. He coughts soooo much just to get it out of his throat. He feels uncomfortable going out because of his cronic cough. The funny thing is when he is in bed laying down he really does not cough. Thanks.... ... (13 replies)
... Ok since nobody replied to my original question, I am now really worried, wondering that I am the only one with throat issues. ... (11 replies)

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