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... Lots of info out there about higher Ph foods helping to keep down reflux reactions after eating. ... (1 replies)
... Recently got diagnosed with gerd and acid reflux, i am currently on omeprazole and it hasn't really help except for easing heartburn a little. How long does it normally take for omeprazole to work? ... (1 replies)
Foods to avoid?
Nov 4, 2007
... Someone that has that severe of a reaction to wheat products should really get the test. My friend had it done and she said it was a simple blood test that her doctor ordered. ... (8 replies)

... I have had the worst acid reflux. It all happened at night when i was lying down on my bed and my stomach was bloated. Then some kind of liquid went up all the way up to my throat and nose which I think was caused by stomache acid. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with GERD in 2005 and spent the next several years on Rabeprazole which is a PPI. It allowed me to drink alcohol without getting those awful burning burps, allowed me to eat bbq foods more, I thought it was great. ... (15 replies)
Gerd and Magnesium
Aug 21, 2011
... Magnesium deficiency might possibly cause those symptoms. And it's not something they usually check for in bloodwork. ... (3 replies)
... I'm sorry that you are feeling so bad! I've been dealing with GERD for over a year now and I felt exactly the same way! Well, now days I'm feeling better. The last time I saw my Gastro doc was at the top of Dec. and I was feeling horrible! ... (41 replies)
Foods to avoid
Nov 7, 2007
... I'd like to help you but my problem is something will bother one time and then not another. I usually have problems with most of the things you mentioned already but Coke doesn't bother me. ... (1 replies)
... otherwise, you can eat foods that are a ph of 4 or higher. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with GERD almost 2 years ago. When it first started, I had a little bit of hoarseness and felt like I was drowning in my own saliva. I went to the ENT who informed me it was gerd and put me on Omeprazole 20 mg. tablets. ... (1 replies)
... Can they cause shortness of breath bloating swallowing difficulty and can lpr cause plugged ears and sinus presure? ... (4 replies)
... Was wondering how you were doing and if you were still in Hospital. ... (4 replies)
Foods to avoid
Aug 8, 2007
... I would also love to have a list of foods. Do you have LPR or GERD? ... (6 replies)
... Can they cause shortness of breath bloating swallowing difficulty and can lpr cause plugged ears and sinus presure? ... (4 replies)
... If your eating a banana everyday already than your fine. Every one is different. For me, bananas have too much sugar and are hard on my system. With GERD you have to be careful to not write off a food so quickly...,look at an overall pattern. Sounds like your fine with bananas. ... (4 replies)
Apr 13, 2007
... Hi all......I have had GERD since I was around 10 years old. Have taken Prevacide for the past 5 years and have tried other meds over the years that didn't work at all. Saw my ENT the other day and he made a dx of LPR. I have been in pain for months now. ... (0 replies)
Aug 18, 2006
... These are the 2 types of foods known to weaken those sphincters. ... (10 replies)
Foods to avoid
Aug 9, 2007
... I was originally diagnosed with GERD in 2000. Since then I think I've developed LPR. I no longer have health insurance and I don't have a job. I'm trying to go to college and it's impossible for me to do that and work at the same time. So I can't afford to go to the doctor. ... (6 replies)
Worried about Gerd
Dec 13, 2018
... As a long time sufferer of acid reflux I can relate about the breathing. I suffer only at night in bed. A few times whilst asleep acid has come up and I have inhaled it into my lungs which caused a sort of asthma attack (I don't suffer from asthma). I sometimes wake up with a scratchy throat. Chewing gum promotes saliva which neutralises the acid Now I do everything I can to... (5 replies)
... So I have been having a serious issue with gas. I have GERD and take Protonix every morning. ... (0 replies)

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