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... my opinion, and my doctor would not agree as we have had many heated arguments on the subject over the years. As I have said in a previous post, I have never had GERD per say. Gastritis though, many many times. I was diagnosed years ago with IBS. ... (29 replies)
... Somehow along the line I got a hangup in my head that food causes the GERD so I simply forget to eat. ... (0 replies)
... First, GERD is supposedly "caused" by a malfunction of the LES. Period. PPIs do nothing for this cause. ... (3 replies)

... (5 replies)
... he surgery was worth it for me. It is nice to be able to breathe better and not worry about when the next critical attack would come. On the negative side, gas bloat can be a problem after the surgery because gas can get trapped below the wrap. ... (5 replies)
... Then it got worse and I started to feel actual GERD symptoms, like burning, prickling, fullness in my throat after a meal, worse when lying down. ... (32 replies)
... I have lost more than 15lbs over the last 5 months. I am not sure if it is GERD, but it started out as tummy bloat, prior to that i felt like my bowel movement was not very good, and it felt hard under the navel. i then felt as if gas was trapped in my chest, with some acid reflux and one night finally i had a shiver, heart palpitation went up and my legs felt heavy, right... (5 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 15, 2010
... an occur without heartburn because I also experience the shortness of breath and needing to yawn to "breathe" deeply, the belching, lack of heartburn, and I also bloat really badly even when I have not eaten. And I often have issues swallowing food because I feel like it's going to get stuck in my throat. ... (44 replies)
... I only got the virus after this, and I'm thinking now that all the throat lozenges and the one lot of antibiotics, might have just aggravated the gerd to turn it into a more chronic bout this time round. ... (9 replies)
... and I also burn and just bloat and sometimes hurt alot. ... (3 replies)
... GERD: gastro esophogeal reflux disease Thanks for really helps to hear from others; the doctors and the medical sites just don't have the detailed descriptions and information that are vital to finding out what the heck is going on! When things were bad, I would bloat within minutes of eating even small amounts: 15 to 30 minutes could be the start of an attack,... (32 replies)
... I'm not thinking anymore that I have any sensitivities towards any foods other than a bit of a bloat but that might be to my portion sizes with expanding foods. ... (9 replies)
... Sorry I have not responded sooner. I have had reflux off and on for about 7 years. I found out in 2008 that I had a large hernia. I had a Nissen fundolication surgery. It works great (no reflux) for 4+ years. I could not burp or throw-up so I had to be careful with foods that bloat and carry anti-nausea medicine all the time. The Nissen failed because I lifted heavy... (5 replies)
... I don't know about the post nasal drip, in the past my throat always gets sore with that and my glands in my neck usually swell up, that hasn't happened. As far as my bloating, it's weird, I just started doing this after I went on a low carb, high protein diet. I only did it for a couple weeks though, then went back to eating regularly. That probably has nothing to do with... (2 replies)
... Inspector: Well said, this is NOT a simple surgery by any means. I am a dentist, so had a pretty good idea what was involved from a technical standpoint. I have had a neck surgery, and two other abdominal surgeries. I am not aware of your age ( I was about 38 at time of the Nissen, am 49 now ). In general I find surgeons routinely underestmate healing times. If you are middle... (13 replies)
... I could not have said is better Inspector, this is not ot be entered into lightly. I had my Nissen about 10 years ago and the relief was very short lived. Although I did not have any complications other than gas-bloat. Greg (13 replies)
... For the most part I would agree wih DK . I had the surgery in 1995 and it helped very minimally, if at all. I was in the hospital three days, had no complications, but could niot eat comfortably for months. To this day I still suffer from "gas bloat" at times. I would not do it again. I presently am taking Prevacid 30mg twice a day, and Zantac 300mg before bed. ... (4 replies)
... I know what you mean about going out with friends for meals, unfortunately, I am now suffering everyday and I have also noticed over the past few days I bloat really badly to an extent that my skirts feel really tight that I can't breath anymore in them. ... (5 replies)
... OK...when I first noticed I had a problem, about 2 months started right after a Sinus Infection...FIRST Symptom, I could NOT Stop Clearing my throat...this lasted for about 2 weeks. For a few days I had a slight sore throat, which I woke up with in the morning, but it passed quickly. I also experienced some burning in my throat when I ate certain foods, but this... (7 replies)
... day. One in the morning, one before bed. I have also found out that dairy products make me bloat and amplify my reflux problems. Right now I suffer from bloating, shortness of breath, relentless sinus drainage, and a tight esophagous. It's a blast. ... (25 replies)

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