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... I'm miserable and confused. Is nausea a real symptom of IBS or GERD? ... (13 replies)
... ello. I am new to the boards. I have a question that I hope somone will be able to help me with. My daughter, age 8, has for the past 2 years, been experiencing nausea usually at bed time. I've had her at Children's Hospital to try to get to the bottom of it. I've kept journals of what she was eating, kept track of bm's,etc.... ... (2 replies)
... My name is Sterling, and I am new to HB's as far as registering, but I've visited here every now and then just to get some sleep at night depending on whatever was bothering me healthwise. ... (1 replies)

Years of GERD...
Jul 6, 2014
... Hi I'm so happy you got out of the vicious circle of gerd! I've been dealing with it for 2 yrs but started out as silent gerd by just having nausea. Now I have it all, with the nausea too. ... (2 replies)
... About a month and a half ago I had some sort of stomach virus, or food posioning. I got sick at night and started throwing up. Then I became incredibly weak and had a fever. I had to stay in bed for 2 days. I didn't go to the doctor. ... (2 replies)
... back area at about the lower ribs and upper abdomen area like as if sometime is passing through inside. ... (1 replies)
... ever in my life. I am 31. This came on after a particularly stressful weekend and a night of black bean quesadilla and some wine. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. Far beit from me to diagnose you, but I wonder if all that bloating gas is a symptom of too-low stomach acid. I have read about that multiple places. Have you tried digestive supplments or DGL? I continue to try to wean off the PPI's SLOWLY. The last week has been brutal. I read that if you were taking 8 weeks of Prilosec you shoudl wean off over a... (18 replies)
... At first I felt great. The cough went away as did the mild, scratchy throat I started getting at night. But, during the 3rd week back on it the cough and sore throat started coming back. ... (18 replies)
... Does anyone else get this with their GERD. I don't have the hearburn persay and can deal with all the other things but the nausea is what I have the worst. It last forever! ... (0 replies)
... actually occurred November 2017, so almost a year ago, when I was working a graveyard shift at my old job. ... (9 replies)
... doesn't seem to want to stay there. I can manage a few bites before I get really nauseated, so I'm mostly living on SlimFast shakes. Seems to get a little better at night, when I can usually eat a regular dinner. Also, I've noticed that burping sometimes relieves the chest pressure temporarily. Could this be GERD? ... (0 replies)
... I told her my symptoms and about the diet and she actually rolled her eyes at me and laughed and said something about "fad diets". ... (0 replies)
... I had taken both doses with quite a bit of food as directed by the doctor, but it unfortunately began to cause problems. The following day I had a gin and tonic at a restaurant and my stomach began to burn immediately. Needless to say, I stopped drinking alcohol entirely. ... (3 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Apr 9, 2006
... Curious if this could be GERD related. During the day I am usually feeling fine. ... (95 replies)
... I've been dealing with several symptoms for a long time and need to know if it sounds like GERD or acid reflux. I don't think I have acid reflux or esophagus issues, but maybe I do.... ... (2 replies)
... The Nausea feeling really is getting annoying. ... (1 replies)
... again at night. I have a heavy chest, and a bad taste in my mouth sometimes. Also I get the feeling of a lump in throat, kinda like when you're trying not to cry. ... (7 replies)
... esn't stop all day. Eating actually helps for a little while. I burp all day long. Sometimes my throat is very sore and feels sticky. It feels like I have a lump at the top of my throat I can't get rid of unless I burp, and then it comes right back. ... (2 replies)
... I ate, but came back when I was done. I was also noticing a dull chest pain on my left, but i figured it could had been from working out. It wasn't a big deal at the time, and I saw my GP about it. She couldn't really help me, other than refer me to an ENT. ... (5 replies)

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