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... I was prescribed Nexium for stomach ulcers, I also have a Hiatal-Hernia. I took the prescribed Nexium dose for six weeks as recommended by my GI Dr but never went back on them since ,as I found I had more symptoms (belching-lump in throat-clearing throat) with the medication than without. Two things that have helped me the most are (Aloe Vera Juice) and (Manuka Honey), ... (5 replies)
... I ask because they can cause all of the symptoms you describe. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for ur reply. Here doctors are stupid :(. But do you have swallowing problem? Please told me if your doctor got any good idea.. Thank you so much. (19 replies)

... Apple Cider Vinegar has been miraculous in treating my nausea. I drink it every single day in the morning before breakfast or I wouldn’t even be able to eat. If you read my earlier blogs by “Mary” you will see that I too was diagnosed with Acid Reflex/GERD. However, after still feeling sick for 3 weeks, I just went back to another Dr yesterday who was incredibly smart and... (19 replies)
... The cancer as previous poster said is the least likely. Many people experience lump in the throat symptoms. Stress over long periods of time alone can cause you to experience this sensation. Yes get checked up by a doctor regardless... ... (7 replies)
... Yea it turns out that it was Acid Reflux disease. My main problem was too much tomato sauce(I eat a lot of pasta and pizza, which is def not good for anyone who has ARD. ) (5 replies)
... Hi, I appreciate your post is over a year ago, but I was wondering if you ever found a solution to your chest pain, as I have similar symptoms (minus the feelings of nausea / vomiting) and I too have been diagnosed with costochondritis, and also have a leaky mitral valve ! I also have Globus Pharyngeus (an awful 'lump in the throat' feeling all the time) and I've been... (5 replies)
... It all started suddenly. Woke up one day with an extremely sore throat and the sensation of a huge lump in my throat. Went to GP. Had been taking Symbacort so we thought it was that. He also though it could be thrush so gave me antibiotics. They didn't help. ... (8 replies)
... go figure! I had some acid reflux last night I felt it in my throat but didn't get any other of the symptoms'gaviscon took it away. I was having no chest pain or lump feeling in throat so I'm very confused.Just have to wait for tests. thxs again. ... (4 replies)
... thank u for replying Iam getting better but I still have a lump feeling kind of in chest/throat area and with alittle discomfort in my right back shoulder blade pain.Can u tell me if this sounds like acid reflex, hiatus hernia or maybe even gullbladder from the symptoms. No he didn't give me the breath test.But he wanted to try something to help me. Til i could see the... (4 replies)
... I had chest pain a few times that went right into my back and a lump feeling in my throat,felt like my food was up in there even when I hadn't eaten.It went away and the dr. said it was acid reflex. ... (4 replies)
Nexium & Gerd
Sep 24, 2010
... Also the basics of my other symptoms are chest tightness, upset stomach, stomach pains, feeling of a lump in my throat and some mornings I wake up with a sore throat which only lasts a few minutes. ... (5 replies)
... My problems all started after a round of strong antibiotics. I had very similar symptoms in that I was so horrifically constipated it felt like my lower stomach was pressing up into my chest. ... (18 replies)
... I quit for a week and my GERD came back bad-lump in throat, burning, hoarseness in morning, chest pain and palpitations. Thoughts? (2 replies)
... My LPR symptoms are much harder to control. I have this feeling of stuck PND in my right sinus forever and nothing, I mean nothing has helped. ... (3 replies)
... GERD symptoms started 7 months ago. ... (19 replies)
... That's how it goes for most of us, a few good days followed by some bad days, on and on. Either I have a sore throat, or the lump is extremely irritated today. From what I have no idea. ... (5 replies)
Symptoms of GERD
Feb 3, 2008
... Hi Charla, I have Globus feeling of something being in my Throat,scared to eat afraid it will get stuck,Chest tightness and Throat.Sometimes have Mucous in my Throat,Heartburn (not painful),hoarsness,clear my Throat,feeling of Lump in my Throat,Sinus problems (period),Cough,Ear problem,Heartburn after eating/drinking Caffeine and Dizziness..Dang! (6 replies)
... c for a few months. Feeling like I was sucking on a mint and then breathing in very strange feeling while inhaling. I also had wheezing in the past. I had the lump in the throat thing. I had pains that went up my neck and into my ear. Oh and the wonderful metalic acidic taste in my mouth yummmmmmmmm! ... (48 replies)
... top for 15 minutes and totally exhausted myself. Not to mention my eyes start watering on their own accord at any time. I have nasal issues with all of the other symptoms also. The tickle in the throat is not just a tickle. It's more like the whole area has been worked over with a very rough sandpaper. Grrrr.... ... (48 replies)

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