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... I've been experiencing what the doctor seems to think could well be GERD. Before I went to see the doctor I was experiencing occasional heartburn, a lump in the throat and occasionally burping stomach acid into my mouth. ... (7 replies)
Anxiety from Gerd!
Jan 24, 2007
... I was diagnosed with GERD about 2 months ago and have been taking Prevacid. Problem now is significant pressure in throat, sides of neck, below adam's apple, pressure and pain in ears. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there ..I have hiatus hernia and gerd .. ... (2 replies)

Gerd And Ear Pain
Sep 27, 2005
... esophagus area being irritated causing referred pain to the ears. I have LPR and when I can tell I've had a bad reflux episode my throat and neck are stiff, sore and I have bilateral ear pain. ... (14 replies)
Is this LPR ?
Jan 31, 2011
... pak. The very next day, woke up with a very bad sore throat that lasted for about two weeks. I had very bad post nasal drip as well and was coughing up some yellow gook. ... (0 replies)
Blood tests
Jan 31, 2007
... Got my blood test results back and all was normal. I thought for sure something would come up with my thyroid but it was normal. I've had pressure and pain in my throat and ears now for almost two months! ... (7 replies)
... months. It started out as a single pain on the lower left side of my throat when I would smoke, then after a couple weeks it became more intense and moved onto my outer neck and ear. ... (3 replies)
... Does any one get extreame gas presure that's from the lower abdomen and pushes up to throat ? ... (14 replies)
... I still have the weird pressure feeling and burning in my ears .. a burning sore throat.. neck and shoulder pain..he looked in my ears and said.." it looks Dull down there possibly fluid? ... (5 replies)
... caused by acid reflux..the pain was the worst I have had with this yet..I was at the doctors 3 times with this last week!..I dont consider myself a baby , Im 40 years old .. ... (5 replies)
... My symptoms: -Post nasal drip -sour throat in the mornings -mild hoarsness -constant burping and passing of gas -dull pain radiating to the neck, ears, and sometimes jaw line Medications: -prilosec (3 weeks, eliminated heartburn but did nothing for reflux) -reglan (same effects as prilosec) (1 replies)
... yeah, i also have heartburn. not as often since i changed my diet, but some. also, i don't really have heartburn at night. some when i first lay down, but after that i don't. so i have to force myself to take meds during the night cause i always wake up groggy and don't wanna take em, cause i'm not feeling heartburn or a sore throat (that doesn't hit til i get up in the... (3 replies)
Scared crazy!
Oct 17, 2012
... It sounds like you have 2 problems that are going together. One sounds like GERD and the other sounds like a fungi infection with the throat. ... (14 replies)
... Hi J I understand how you feel, i can say that all of my stomach issues started when my mom had a massive heart attack... my nerves went through the roof,,couldnt eat sleep or function at all,,she was given a week to live,,,that stretched into 72 days of ups and downs like you would not believe,,,the strange thing about my issues were when she was feeling better and i wasnt... (9 replies)
... I'll start at the beginning, this all started around a year and a half ago. Slowly I developed a sore throat of course I had acid reflux and heart burn when I ate spicy foods and I remember the feeling well, the burning sensation. Slowly but surely it has gotten worse. ... (9 replies)
Scared crazy!
Oct 17, 2012
... Hi.. Thanks for the reply and reassurance that it may not be anything too serious, just a journey that i'll have to take like everyone else here until things are ruled out and i get to the bottom of it, i have noticed my tonsils have very small crypts and i'm told that's typical of tonsil stones, i think i may be swallowing whatever comes out cause i've never actually... (14 replies)
... derstand everything about what we have but I was forced to find what helped me. I woke up one mornng in the middle of a great life in July 2009 and I had severe pain in the back of my neck, head, cheeks, ears. No one could diagnose me. My Drs looked at me weird. They prescribed Flonase and said I had an allergy. ... (6 replies)
... Did you ever find out what was going on? I have the very same symptoms sense Dec. I have seen an ENT, Surgeon, Dentist, Gp.....nobody seems concerned about my swollen mouth :( (2 replies)
... getting swollen glands in my throat, aching tongue underneath on both sides, feeling like my tongue is swelling and too big for my mouth, swollen lymph nodes in neck and back of head, pain in back of head when breathing, itchy palate and tongue and sore ears. ... (2 replies)
... hing up to my head and throat. Head presure must be sinuses and I have this ear presure as well which Also throws my equilibreum off . I get vey dizzy and I have pain in my neck and my face is this ear and sinus presure from gerd and hiatus? ... (13 replies)

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