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Club soda ...
Jul 21, 2020
... Aloe vera works better than ANYTHING else and it is all natural. I had horrible acid reflux years ago; the gastro man put me on one pill, which only worked for a few months. I went back to him to tell him as such and with that, he told me to double the dose. Came home; did research; found aloe vera; started taking and three prescription med out!!! (7 replies)
... Some of the differences between LPR and GERD confuse me. ... (3 replies)
... or be a one time thing, depending on the factors involved contributing to your GERD . ... (8 replies)

Addressing GERD
Mar 9, 2017
... at the time my GERD was diagnosed. My chief complaints being those of frequent heartburn, lung inflammation and seizures resulting in extreme difficulty in breathing. ... (2 replies)
... This definitely sounds counterintuitive. Most people when experiencing pain or uncomforted want to rest. BUT, rest with GERD is a double edged sword. ... (9 replies)
... This definitely sounds counterintuitive. Most people when experiencing pain or uncomforted want to rest. BUT, rest with GERD is a double edged sword. ... (9 replies)
... First time I experienced GERD was at the age of 13, I am 44 now... It hit me one night in my sleep. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you. Im not an apple eater. Just not my thing. GERD does indeed cause anxiety, and anxiety can cause GERD. Chicken or the egg thing. Finding out which came first can be frustrating. Anxiety is a fickle thing. ... (29 replies)
... d pressure, and am starting to be able to prevent the afib, but I believe the spikes and afib are directly linked to the GERD, especially right after I eat. The GERD is not under control yet. Have been taking Prilosec for 5 days, and GERD seems to be improving slightly. ... (4 replies)
... So our problem is caused by pressure on the stomach. I don't know about the rest of you but I wake up every morning with a ton of gas in my stomach. When I got GERD for the first time 15 years ago, I started out the same way but the gas in stomach problem went away in 6 months and so did the GERD. ... (9 replies)
... Anyway, I kind of stumbled into the perfect diet for Acid Reflux. I know it sounds overly hyped but, you have got to trust me on this. I would suffer from GERD at least once a month for 2 weeks or more at a time. So, imagine how fun my life with food was. ... (12 replies)
... Please help. I am losing my family, my children and my sanity. I am paralyzed with fear because I just realized this disease is serious, it is chronic, dangerous and not going anywhere without surgery - which itself apparently presents enormous risks, including making things worse than they were before and irreversible. I have been doing so much reading and research for over... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with GERD about 2 years ago. I had zero symptoms before I visited my Gastro except that I was having difficulty with food getting stuck. ... (1 replies)
GERD symptoms?
Jan 16, 2012
... I never considered my GERD symptoms to be that serious, but does my story above indicate someone with GERD problems? ... (2 replies)
Gerd or lpr?
May 26, 2011
... hence the notion of LPR being "silent reflux." Basically, GERD relfects acid that crawls past the LES irritating the esoph. ... (6 replies)
... food poisoning, and took an antibiotic to get better. A few days after the antibiotic I felt GERD at night, then more frequently, and was eventually diagnosed and started with a PPI. ... (5 replies)
Cause of GERD
Feb 2, 2007
... In my opinion those of us with GERD have lost the ability to digest food correctly. ... (14 replies)
... The biggest mistake people can make in treating GERD is thinking they need all the "fancy tests". ... (4 replies)
... attack. The pain usually starts in the upper stomach, travels to the chest and up into the jaw and ears. I had Nissen Fundoplication in August 2014 to relieve my GERD and due to PPIs not working. ... (3 replies)
... onomic issues and severe gerd, and after an endoscopy the doctor determined I have an inflamed esophagus and mild gastritis in the stomach and gerd. He said the gerd results from a tiny hiatal hernia. He has prescribed reflux Meds and a restricted diet of smaller meals and specific foods which will not aggravate the reflux. ... (4 replies)

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