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... I have Gerd as well as an Stomach Ulcer and also heart Palpitations. Sorry but I am 44 and also going threw Menopause and feel as thought things are just going down hill. ... (24 replies)
... een gaining my appetite back over the last 3 days and am eating a LOT more than I was the first 5 days or so after I saw my primary physician. I have been having heart palpitations everyday for the past 10 days or so and I feel like the fight or flight response is contributing to burning calories. ... (4 replies)
... So you are not alone. My doctor just told me today if what I describe, the burning in the throat, was the GERD returning and he told me "yes, you need to continue the meds for lifetime." He never ran any tests, but by my symptoms he told me that . Well, hope this helps. ... (5 replies)

... to huffnpuff I'm curious about the spasm of the esophogus - sometimes I can't tell if it's a heart palp or if it's gas stuck under somewhere - frequently when I 'burp' the palp goes away, and once I did wonder if the esophogus could spasm? Sometimes I think I'm nuts, just crazy for all the worrying I do. Lat night when trying to sleep, I kept getting this warm sensation... (20 replies)
... but possibly also to GERD I wonder. ... (5 replies)
... with heart palps. ... (11 replies)
... ventricular contractions in the heart. They fell like heart palpitations. When I get them I feel like my stomach is fluttering. ... (23 replies)
... Heart palpitations. Heart gets really fast constantly. Then goes quite slow sometimes. Normally fast when stomach is full etc. Do you get the same? ... (5 replies)
... Are these dangerous like will it cause heart attacks. Has anyone reported these to their doctor and found out any information about it. ... (39 replies)
... The Aciphex and the Protonix both give me nightmares and I wake up with my heart racing. I know it's from the medication because I don't have heart problems and never had this before. It's scary though. ... (39 replies)
... Finally, I have a stess test, echocardiagram, wore a montior for 24 hours and a heart is in very good condition. I started obessing with taking my BP... ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for your support. Does anyone else feel there is a muscular connection with there GERD? Eg. costcocondritis? As an aside, I have tried di limonene lately and it has been a bit of a miracle, my almost non stop pounding heart/Palpitations have really got a great deal better. (4 replies)
... ve to say though my reflux started immediately after my operation within days I noticed it. Just didn't pay much attention to it until it made me very sick, the heart palpitations happened, had extreme shortness of breath. ... (22 replies)
... The panic attack you experienced from the dental office was more than likely enduced by the novicane. Most Local Anethisea used in dental offices has epinephren in it. This is basiucally the same thing as getting one hell of a dose of adrenaline. Adrenaline and panic attacks go hand in hand. From some of the symptoms you are describing. I would go talk to your doctor and... (32 replies)
... why would rge thyroid cause breathing and swallowing problems. (32 replies)
... I have not had my thyroid checked, but I have had 2 endoscopes and one additional one through the nose. I have just also had a barium swallow and a manometry done. I am supposed to see the GI on Friday. I went in to have some dental work done and when I got put on the novacaine, I went into a panic attack, which lasted off and on for about 3 hours. I have had these since... (32 replies)
... My heart goes out to you, everything that is happening to you has happened to me, but my doctor put me on antidepressants thinking it was anxiety. ... (41 replies)
... did you have your thyroid checked? (32 replies)
... lways have dull ache in left side and problems breathing. Even walking small distances now makes me feel weak. Could it be the medication. Also suffer from rapid heart beat and palpitations. ... (4 replies)
Chest Tightness
Oct 19, 2007
... xt morning my chest was so tight it felt very weird. Then the next night when I went to bed I felt "jumpy" from my chest and I couldnt fall asleep. Then came the heart palpitations. Didn't go to bed until 2 am. Do you feel like this also sometimes? ... (2 replies)

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