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... but suspects reflux. I never had any sx of reflux until I was pg with my DS and DD and had bad heartburn but managed with Tums. ... (1 replies)
... Let me ask you long does the breathing trouble last and is it worse when you wake up? ... (7 replies)
... OMFG! Im so so soooooo glad i found this thread. Im going to give you the long spill of what im dealing with and i'll be damned if its not like the orginal post. ... (28 replies)

... defined burning sensation around my sternum. I also started feeling really rundown, had no energy, and didn't want to go anywhere or hang out with friends. I had a general feeling of "unwellness"...just a sort of malaise. ... (3 replies)
... have not tried it as of yet. I have to admit I'm a little scared to see how it will make me feel! ... (102 replies)
... Stop mixing Vyvanese and energy pills! That could be WHY you are getting so much heartburn. Can you stop those drugs? ... (45 replies)
... I've been having some problems with heartburn and constipation, and trying to solve both at the same time. ... (1 replies)
... Hi all, I have been reading through the past messages and am really grateful for all that has been contributed as I try to figure out how to deal with this GERD that I was recently diagnosed with. ... (8 replies)
Dec 19, 2008
... i have LPR and bad stomach issues so even thou my symptoms arent the same i can relate.............. ... (4 replies)
Quality of Life
Jul 2, 2012
... ree hours after I eat. They disappear when I first eat. It seems if my stomach is full or partially full it stops it, then as it empties it starts. I don't get heartburn though, just feel the irritation in my voice and lungs. In the morning my chest hurts and usually gets better as the day goes on. ... (28 replies)
... I have had breathing problems for years from GERD.. it was first diagnosed as asthma.. and I had multiple breathing treatments. ... (10 replies)
... ryone i dont even know if i am on the right message board or not with what i am looking for answers on. My mother is 67 years old just went through breast cancer and is doing well with that already in her radiation treatment and surgeon said she is going to be fine. ... (2 replies)
... up and brings upon shortness of breath due to tightness. ... (31 replies)
... they just told me to use the Prilosec treatment for the 14 days. Also I was worried that I have heart failure. Is that possible from what I've told you about the short breath in the morning or not. Again not like gasping for breath more like can't take a deep full breath . ... (4 replies)
... s wrong with me, and the doctor cannot figure anything out. ... (7 replies)
... Please go to your doctor and demand that he do a gastroscope. You have the same symptoms that I have been having. The doctor thought it was an ulcer and treated me for it but that did not solve my problems. I am very healthy and have never had stomach problems. ... (6 replies)
... Are they just going to repair the hernia or are you getting a nissen fundoplication where they wrap the top of the stomach around the esophagus? ... (6 replies)
... Hi and yes i also feel like I am short of breath I have been told I have asthma and this happened out of the blue.. ... (11 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with mild chronic gastritis and hiatal hernia a few years ago after an endoscopy performed. ... (0 replies)
New, need help.
Dec 27, 2008
... So i am 15 and i am lost. I started getting short of breath during my basketball season last year. I was really in shape yet felt so run down and couldnt breathe and could tell it was getting worse. Finished the season, not that great but alive. They couldnt find an inhaylor to work for me. ... (20 replies)

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