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... he has lately complained of repeat heartburn and indigestion. ... (6 replies)
... Ibuprofen increases the acid in the stomach, which is why bleeding can occur, as far as I know. This being the case, it could cause heartburn as well. ... (6 replies)
... i have been on atenolol since september. i had occasional heartburn before that. ever since i have been on atenolol it has been worse. ... (0 replies)

... I can't take NSAIDS by mouth either anymore, it causes my stomach horrible pain and heart burn. Mobic is not more easy on the stomach than ibuprofen from my experience. The only NSAIDS I can tolerate are injectable ones. ... (6 replies)
... yep.. i'd say it is the ibuprofen. I can't take any NSAIDS any more... flares up my hiatal herna/heart burn (6 replies)
... can cause heartburn and even ulcer. Most is from chronic use but for some it can happen really quickly. ... (6 replies)
... Ibuprofen is a killer! just took one and thats where my he** started, I have never been the same ever since :mad: (11 replies)
... I just talked to an advice nurse this morning. I was told that because I took ibuprofen for so long, that I very well may have an ulcer...which could be causing the nausea and reflux pain. ... (11 replies)
... The doctor put me on Nexium. Took the first pill today, and still feel horrible. I had major surgery 5 weeks ago and was on percocet for a week and then Ibuprofen for the entire 5 weeks. I have a feeling I may have developed an ulcer. Not sure though. ... (11 replies)
... Last November I had heartburn that wouldn't go away. I've always had heartburn on and off and it's been no big deal. I take some Tums and after a couple hours it goes away. But this time it wouldn't. ... (1 replies)
... and the Ibuprofen for another month. ... (49 replies)
... Hell, Hello everyone I have been following your threads about rebound from the beginning I have read threw them all I hope you don't mind me messaging in on here since I know you are kinda a group that have been following and helping each from the start. I too am in a similar situation about PPI mine started around December of last year when I got the flu and took... (206 replies)
... I had NSAID induced heartburn, the first heartburn in my life, at age 65. ... (2 replies)
... ave a functioning lower esophageal sphincter and the partial wrap is enough to almost totally control any acid reflux. I don't take any drugs or antacids for the heartburn now. ... (15 replies)
... om this annoying pain above my belly button. I've had mild acute attacks on and off since, the doctor put it down to Gastritis she thinks i had a reaction to the Ibuprofen and told me to carry on taking the Anacids which i don't think helped. ... (0 replies)
... Joogle: Ibuprofen can be highly irritating to the stomach even if you don't have heartburn. Be careful with taking such a high dose. I don't want to second guess your family physician, but be careful. The PPI's can be very effective but can take you on a roller coaster ride. I think the important thing is to taper off very, very slowly. Otherwise, you can experience... (45 replies)
... He understood when i told him i experienced heartburn when i stopped ppis, though i never had heartburn before. it seems he wants to determine the cause of the acid or excessive acid secretion. ... (45 replies)
... when to add in "real" food. He also said that the gas is forming because of the oxycodone's affect on the large intestine and that I can start taking Tylenol or ibuprofen during the day. ... (15 replies)
... other options to get rid of the stones. If you have Cholesterol problems try Welchol drug it helped me with two of the major problems I was having diarrhea and heartburn really bad and that has stopped it completely! It was a miracle! ... (7 replies)
... I tried zantac, my throat and mount become very dry instantly. I have not tried reglan, but I don't know if that will help with the heartburn that was caused by ibuprofen. I heard that that one has bad side effects also. ... (4 replies)

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