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... I get this at least a few times a month, kind of like my stomach just churns and churns but doesn't proceed with the complete digestive process. Making my own pizza crust and bread really make this happen, my guess is the gluten. I usually get the bad acid taste in my mouth along with lots-o-gas. And salads, oy! I really miss having a big salad, but just can't do it... (2 replies)
... Ok, so I know a lot of people have acid reflux. But does anyone have chronic indigestion? Like, you eat and then the next day you still feel it digesting and burning in your stomach?? And the fumes come up into your throat and burn really bad?? I have this, its awful. And sometimes eating healthy makes it worse, a salad can be complete murder. I ate a bowl of soup one... (2 replies)
Hitual hernia?
May 27, 2012
... I finished that course... Got the usual acid rebound which lasted 3 days the bliss indigestion gone..... ... (5 replies)

... Are you taking any medications for it? What you describe are several of the classic symptoms of acid reflux? (2 replies)
... I am 17 years old, an athlete all my life, in pretty good shape, 135lbs, stable, healthy diet with variety. I started smoking and drinking just for social occasions around 14, and over the past year, I've been on and off. Since about half a year ago, I've fallen into having a pack per week, and consistantly drinking about every other day that I've developed such a high... (1 replies)
... sometimes, i get extremely exhausted all of a sudden when my symptoms start. like my eyes kinda wander and i can barely keep them open, and i just have no energy all of a sudden..does this happen with anyone else? also, my symptoms, burning throat and bloating especially, happen around 4-6pm every day and last til a little before bed, whether i eat or not prior. is this what... (4 replies)
... no i have been only taking protonix for over a week now and no improvement and seems to make me worse. i went to the emergency room and had previcid and it made me very nausious, so they had prescribed me reglan which i took twice and didn't work at all, so now i suffer everyday. i can't even eat i have so much pain. i get more and more nausious every day. i also notice that... (4 replies)
... rin. I was not getting better so he referred me to a gastroenterologist and endoscopy specialist. At the time of my visit I had no pain. My symptoms were nausea, indigestion and dizziness. The doctor asked for a prolactin test, which came back normal and an ultra sound of the pelvis, which also came back normal. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, i am new to this forum, but was wondering if anyone can help me out. I am 41 yrs old and two years ago i was diagnosed with h pylori infection in stomach that causes ulcers) and i was treated with anti biotic treatment for two doc told me that the treatment is almost 100% effective and did not re test me for it..sinse then i have not had any symptoms of an ulcer,... (1 replies)
... holistic doctor and she did some blood testing on me for food allergies. It seems that I have a sensitivity to Oats. The weird thing is I've been eating Oatmeal everyday since September and that's when I noticed I was having problems with indigestion. too. ... (44 replies)
... ve had bad indigestion pretty much every day. I get a lump in my throat, burning in chest and stomach and under ribs, sometimes a bad taste in my mouth. ... (0 replies)
... (10 replies)
... Last year, I suddenly felt as though I had indigestion or something so I took some mylanta which usually worked and it would't happen for another year or so. ... (10 replies)
... I have found my savior supplement .... and it was metamucil. I religiously take this everyday and it has lessen all my tummy, heartburn, gas problem and my regurgitate problem. I hardly get tummy trouble now. ... (4 replies)
Introducing myself
Jul 15, 2012
... Hey everyone!  I'm a former football player and current weight trainer.  I'm 40 years old and have a million things to be thankful for.  However, I can't concentrate on any of them because I'm constantly distracted by symptoms that generic websites and personal doctors cannot possibly understand or explain unless they've been in our shoes. A day in my shoes starts by waking... (2 replies)
... The pain hasn't been too bad and seemed to be getting better everyday until yesterday. ... (2 replies)
... too see if the breathlessness eases. Its got so bad I rarely go anywhere these days and even everyday mundane tasks are hard to finish. ... (1 replies)
... Hello Lisa, God can heal you and we just need to pray that your healing will be soon. What time of the day would be good for you and I to pray. You name the time and day and I will do it with you. I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad. It makes it really hard when food seems to be the enemy. I know how you feel. I'm thankful that so far as long as I stay away from... (57 replies)
... Been here many times and posted myself many times. I have had stomach acid, indigestion problems for a number of years. ... (4 replies)
Blood tests
Jan 31, 2007
... g GERD. I do have GERD but thought that the prevacid would stop everything. I've been on that for almost 3 months now and the heartburn is gone but still have indigestion and all this other fun wonderful stuff now! Funny thing is i feel fine and almost normal compared to how I was before getting on a PPI. ... (7 replies)

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