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... s this issue overlaps at least two other categories. I'm beginning to see why people with TMJ problems often have trouble getting a proper diagnosis as I've read in the past. ... (9 replies)
... Bit of a long story but for sometime now I have had fairly frequent sore throats and ear aches. ... (9 replies)
... Initially my main issues were with my ears although it was generally in my left ear which would ache and throb from time to time. ... (3 replies)

... doscopy, took the pills, changed diet, etc. I was pretty touch and go for a year, but now have it pretty much under control. I have experienced the wierd feeling in the back of mt throat, but only when I had thrown up a lot with the flu. It was awful!........................Here is my advice. ... (15 replies)
... experimentation and journaling of activities over time that when I have acid reflux come up my left ear experiences a burning sensation. I can adjust the level of burning or pass it fast by blowing out of my mouth as fast as I can when the reflux hits and comes up. ... (9 replies)
... Do you have any pain in your jaw joint on the left side? ... (9 replies)
... I also had some stomach pain in the upper left under ribcage. I also had an abdomonal ultrasound which was okay.I saw the ENT and he said, " Anxiety! ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I have been diagnosed by an ENT as having Acid Reflux although I am having a gastroscopy on Monday by another consultant. My symtoms have included ear ached, shooting pains under my jaw and a general feeling of discomfort in my neck on the left hand side. ... (2 replies)
... I have those symptoms as well but mine have gotten to be almost constant. I assume it's from the LPR since that was what the dr. diagnosed me with. (1 replies)
... I have off and on burning in my throat, off and on ear pain and jaw pain could that all be from acid reflux? ... (1 replies)
Why Me Lord!!!!
Jun 2, 2013
... I HATE this condition I'm sitting here watching tv and my chest just start getting tight for no reason I can't stand it always feeling bad I don't want this I pray everyday that God take this condition away from me. I'm so sick and tired of this always feeling burning in my chest, back under my breasts, lump in my throat, chest & back tightening up,jaw pain feeling of mucus... (3 replies)
... orking its way down my throat. However, they disappeared after my surgery. But I think some heartburn sensations are spasms too. My heart burn feels like a sharp burning pain that runs up my chest into my ear and jaw and back out into my spine. Feels like I've drunk acid it's so bad. ... (15 replies)
... Reading the posts here I realized I did not suffer alone, and in the end was able to glean more information then if I had read a dozen books. ... (4 replies)
Gerd or lpr?
May 26, 2011
... Unfortunately it sounds like you do have LPR. LPR and GERD are similiar and brought about by some of the same issues, but are seperate diseases in themselves. GERD causes stomach problems that can be very intense and that can travel into the chest area, the back, and even the jaw bone region. ... (6 replies)
... Ogreballerina, That's fantastic! You were able to rid yourself of reflux on the gluten free diet minus sugar. Very good. I was not able to do the same until I got rid of the rice and potatos too. Keep up the good work! (123 replies)
... I may eat a steak once in awhile.... ... (123 replies)
... I have similar symptoms too. All that you mentioned above. My GP told me that it is GERD, and I will be going to the Gasto in Jan to get more tests done. I am talking Prilosec OTC but not sure if it seems to be working..... ... (14 replies)
... havent been to the doctor to get tested for GERD or anything because I have no insurance and thats what we're waiting on. Well, here are my symptoms, chest pain, pain in ribs, back, armpit and left arm and sometimes sharp abdominal pains. Burning sensation all around my ribs, under my breasts and sometimes chest and back. ... (14 replies)
H-Pylori question
Jun 21, 2005
... decide to take the cure for H. pyloria. As part of the regimen of antibiotics I was given was a request that I get off of Zantac and use the Prilosec contained in the packages instead. This I did. And according to my doctor who performed a DNA test to make sure, the H. pyloria was killed. ... (17 replies)

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