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... Good morning Seeking Sunrise - hope all is well. I don't disagree with you, but I am second guessing things that I have been told - I am starting to think that the nerve damage thing might be as mysterious as the old LPR diagnosis (as noted, I guess I have both according to my ENT). I am told that I have nerve damage - that happened "3 years or so ago." I have talked with two... (19 replies)
... ealed no issues with LES or UES functioning. Was told to do 2x Protonix PPI and Zantac coupled with Klonopin. Have not seen any posts recommending this treatment for PVVN... seen Neur., Elavil, etc., but not Klonopin. Any thoughts? ... (19 replies)
... How are the nerve issues solved in any case? Does one have to keep taking these neuro drugs forever? I would guess it depends on the severity of the damage to the nerve(s) .. but aren't these drugs just helping you cope with the symptoms until things resolve - if at all? (19 replies)

... I wonder sometimes if the reflux is not a red herring. I mean, even with readings for reflux episodes, would they even be a problem without the nerve damage. ... (19 replies)
... (19 replies)
... Unfortunately, she also suffers from acid reflux. The doctor had her on Nexium, then another acid reflux treatment. ... (19 replies)
... I had that all day everyday my last LPR flare. It went on like that for a good 3 months and gradually dissipated. This time it happens rarely however, I'm sure we both have experienced shifting symptoms as we try to heal. ... (18 replies)
... left vocal cord issues, coupled with the EMG confirming nerve damage. I also have all the symptoms of LPR and a PH study to confirm the frequency of acid. On the Klonopin only now... ... (19 replies)
... I think only tiny amounts of it are needed for big results. I recommend trying it. I don't know why they would hand out reflux meds though, if it's nerve damage.... That's fishy. ... (19 replies)
... which I am not taking for a bit. I want to let my head rest for a week or two and see if some of this crap can improve on its own without the head drugs. So I am only on PPI and diet changes. ... (19 replies)
... ad horrible side effects on protonix and aciphex, but the nexium has done absolutely nothing as far as side effects and has done exactly what it's supposed to do for reflux...I wouldn't even know I have taken it except for the relief... ... (30 replies)
... Klonopin does seem to help me but I haven't got on it on a daily basis as I am afraid of the benzos in general. I don't have a prescription for elavil yet, may be I should get it from my psych. ... (19 replies)
... Coffee and caffeine are big no no's - they'll mess your stomach up bad! when I was in the ER they warned me that caffeine makes it worse. I have since eliminated the caffeine in all forms. It is brutal! (27 replies)
... feel I have been in a deep depression over this. They first said I had LPR then they said I have vocal cord dysfunction. Most of my tests do not show signs of reflux but I am going for a monometry test in a couple weeks. I cannot stand it anymore. I try not to eat bad but almost everythng sets it off. ... (27 replies)
... Neurontin is not perfect for me either .. but I get to sleep through the night and the AM throat is much better as a result. ... (19 replies)
... und in many GERD books that benzodiazepines are a known class of drugs to relax the LES sphincter and can wreak GI havoc. After being on either xanax, ativan or klonopin daily for three years, i believe my GI system has been severely disrupted due to these meds. ... (19 replies)
... supposed to be used short term or very sparingly along with other forms of medications to treat anxiety. It is also not supposed to be a medication that is used for sleep other than every once in a while. ... (19 replies)
... Hi, I have been reading this section of your forum for the last few days and found some very helpful suggestions. ... (12 replies)
... Since getting off my birth control medicine, I have had extremely bad acid reflux. It was so bad that I went to an emergency room for it and they gave me klonopin. Now the only way I can seem to eat food is to take this benzo. ... (3 replies)
... Also, where can I find the research connecting acid reflux to clonazepam? ... (19 replies)

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