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... When I burp my throat gets tight and feels like a knot is tightening my throat. There doesn't have to be any reflux at all for this to happen. I can just burp with no reflux and it tightens up. ... (1 replies)
... I don't see being able to get or hold a job with all that's going on with me. The constant cough, clearing my throat would be enough to drive anyone crazy but the arthritis is so bad in my hands I can't write or type very long. ... (10 replies)
... Its me again.So hopefully the next time i write its because i have a praise report to tell you.So i've decided to have my throat dialated next week. ... (5 replies)

... You can see and feel the knot in my throat and if I push on it from the inside, you can tell where it's at. Not noticable from outside. ... (10 replies)
... on me my pressure was over 165.So,apparently my muscle never wants to relax in my throat which has caused me to have this awful feeling of something stuck there.Then they wanted to do the 24 hr ph monitor test,which i could not do. ... (4 replies)
... knot feeling in my throat now for over 6 months.I'm so angry about all this. ... (3 replies)
Possible LPR??
Nov 30, 2011
... hat I would get almost like a "knot" or "lump" at the bottom of my throat. Then it started to happen more frequently. Like with ANY type of physical exercise. My throat and upper chest would seem to "tighten" as well. Fast forward 3 months and I'm suddenly short of breathe. Like CRAZY short of breathe. ... (1 replies)
... they dialated my throat because they said i was a perfect canidaite for this surgery. ... (1 replies)
... what I was experiencing was acid reflux. She said the reason why I was feeling the effect in my ear was because the ears have 'connections' with the back of the throat and sometimes you get a 'bouncing effect' from this. ... (10 replies)
... Been clearing my throat for over 30 years. ... (91 replies)
Mar 21, 2005
... This is claissic LPR systems, which are related to the GERD condition. I read that many LPR suffers have the sore throat and knot in the throat feeling without having much heartburn. ... (7 replies)
... feels like theres a golf ball stuck in my throat then..... ... (4 replies)
... and worse and I'm ready to file for disability now. Does your sinus seem to drain all the time. Back to that left right thing. My right does but not my left. Knot in my throat is on right side too. I feel like I must sniff up hard then clear my throat to be able to talk at all. ... (22 replies)
... even though I was told it works within a 24 hour period because it releases 2 doses of medicine every 12 hours. I always have a "lump" or knot feeling in my throat now as well. nothing is lodged in my throat, haven't had solid food in over two months. ... (14 replies)
... Sometimes experiencing a knot in one's throat can be a symptom of anxiety. Anything going on to worry you? ... (5 replies)
... y heart. Thank god they are okay. She changed my meds and I am taking Nexium 40 mgs. once a day. Now this was working but i always seemed to have mucous in my throat that wouldnt come up so I went back on the Omeprezole because my ENT and my Doctor said they all work about the same. ... (1 replies)
Jan 25, 2009
... hem so many times before that I thought if my barrium showed negative then the others would too. My last scope was good. Then, I go back to thinking maybe this knot or tissue I have in my throat has something to do with my symptoms and that it's not reflux related. ... (5 replies)
... ve been diagnosed with LPR by ENT, but GI except gastritis haven't found a cause yet. One thing I never suffered from was heartburn, I have suffered all the rest knot in the throat, difficult breathing, sinuses, hunger pain, etc, but never heartburn. I am having 24hr impedance manometry test done in 8 days time. ... (5 replies)
... ast Wed and then saw the ENT spec the surgeon had instructed me to do. Will meet with Gastro spec this Wed. Don't know results of upper GI yet and ENT said the knot in my throat was tonsil tissue or as one other ENT said calous like tissue where acid hits in my throat. I can hardly believe tonsil tissue after 40 yrs? ... (5 replies)
To charberry
Aug 28, 2008
... I'm concerned about the knot that's developed in my throat too. ENT doesn't think that much of it and everyone I've seen has given me a different answer. It's my GP that keeps saying, It's not supposed to be there. ... (11 replies)

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