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... I have reflux and I also have recurring ear pain on one side. I believe the ear pain is caused by the reflux. ... (21 replies)
... LPR is extraesophageal with reflux going up into the throat and vocal cords, etc. ... (21 replies)
... I read on the "environmental Disorders" board about how people can get laryngeal pharyngeal reflux(LPR) after being exposed to toxic fumes. Well i am going to a specialist soon becuase i think i have LPR. I have all the symptoms for this; costant throat clearing, always feeling like there is something in my thraot, tickling feeling in throat, always feels like my throat is... (2 replies)

... pharyngeal reflux. Most LPR patients don't get heartburn, indigestion or symtpoms of the most commonly known form of reflux "GERD". ... (2 replies)
... Hi guys I have had trouble swallowing for 2 months, its been horrible I havent been eating solid foods, an yesterday the ENT doc told me that he thinks the acid reflux i have is causing me to have trouble swallowing? ... (1 replies)
... However, I also have acid reflux and whether or not that caused it I don't know, I think I've had this for a long time, and it got worse with the chemicals. ... (2 replies)
... mucous, burning mouth. I had an endoscopy which highlighted a sliding hiatus hernia. A hernia and damaged sphincter are the main causes of reflux including LPR. ... (21 replies)
... Hi everybody on this thread! I too suffer from LPR. There is a really good thread called "LPR info.-went to specialist" on the gerd board. It's a ways down the list so you may have to hunt for it a bit over several pages. I have looked for the original posted of this thread, "neverenoughslee", but haven't heard from them in a while. I am hoping they will post again to let... (21 replies)
... patti23 and Miss L I can't believe I have the same exact symptoms! My ENT says there is no damge at all to throat or vocal cords so I am completly mystified! He does not believe my lump in throat, fuzzy tongue feeling has anything to do with reflux. However, I do have a hiatal hernia and some inflammation around my lower esophageal sphincter. Can he be wrong after looking... (21 replies)
... The gold standard through is the 24 hr ambulatory double probe PH manometry. They put a tube into your esophagus AND pharynx for 24 hours to measure and record reflux activity. The single probe can yield a false negative result in people with LPR. It's used to diagnose GERD. ... (21 replies)
... With me, I think the throat discomfort from the reflux caused some teeth clenching from trying to sleep in odd positions to get relief. SO I got tooth pain, and TMJ can cause ear pain. Its just a thought. ... (21 replies)
... wow after so many posts, I definately must have this Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux, I am going through so much guys without eating for 2 months, just drinking ensure i just hope thie acidphex helps, i alos have nexium but i stopped taking it i was on once a day, anyway my ears feel full and pop and my sinus hurts so bad and i feel like i have a cold, my jaw, left arm hurt bad... (11 replies)
... It is very strange that your doctor was able to diagnose reflux, but he didn't even give you a sample of reflux medication? ... (5 replies)
... The doc said acid reflux doesn't appear to be the main culprit behind my compromised larynx. ... (5 replies)
... I posted this over on the Ear, Nose & Throat board but got only one response. Perhaps this is the better venue for it: I've had a strange throat disorder for nearly a year now. It started with a head cold that turned into a cough -- and the cough, basically, has never gone away. First thing in the morning I can feel my larynx quivering and spasming, leading to a dry,... (5 replies)
... It sounds like you have LPR as well as GERD. LPR is "Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux". It simply means that your acid is now traveling up your esophagous north to your larynx. ... (11 replies)
... pharyngeal reflux where my vocal cords were bathed in the nasty acid.... hoarseness so annoying that I had to loudly grate my throat daily and often.... ... (22 replies)
... Sounds like you may have a lot of problems related to anxiety. Reflux is aggravated by anxiety for sure and can therefore be cyclical. Also, when the reflux comes all the way up to your throat you may have burning and pain which makes your breathing feel funny. ... (3 replies)
Feb 24, 2006
... Hello I Love Turtles, The coughing variant of GERD is called Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux (LPR). It's caused by the same thing - acid leaving your stomach and heading North, except in LPR, it's even leaving your esophagous and heading even more North into your throat. Acid hitting your unprotected larynx is making you cause. You might have further coughing symptoms resulting... (8 replies)
Choking Suddenly
Dec 25, 2007
... You seem to be so on the right board for this question! I have GERDS and LPR(Laryngeal Pharyngeal reflux- I also experience the swallowing difficulties! The mucousy throat also is a symptom with LPR. For a while I never felt heartburn that's why you don't think it's related to acid reflux! I also had the barium test and showed no abnormalities! From time to time I have allergy... (4 replies)

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