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Gerd Symptoms
Feb 25, 2006
... pressure in the center of my chest and right under my breast bone. Also have been very sore to the side of both breasts and on my ribs. The pain has also moved into my left shoulder and arm as well as jaw. I have some tmj to begin with. Well like most people here i hit the ER. Five times actually. ... (95 replies)
GERD From meds?
Nov 1, 2005
... ok long story short.. i have MS and had to do a 3 day IV steroid treatment.. on the first day my stomach started burning pretty bad... which i was told was a side effect from the Med and was given some antacid which seemed to help.. ... (2 replies)
Do i have gerd?
Nov 26, 2008
... here my problems...chest tightness,everyday ...lump n sometimes pain in my throat...sometimes pain on my left side breast...ive been like this a month..i also found out i have a gallstone that needs to be taken out..could that be it? ... (1 replies)

... and yes when i feel it i keep thinking its a heart attack too ,i also just found out i have thyriod disorder but i have had this chest feeling and right down the middle between the breast where its hurt since jan 2006. ... (7 replies)
... Around July 2016 I started getting the gastritis feeling again, pain on the left side, so I cut down on the coffee and soda and started taking prevacid OTC again after being off for a really long time. ... (8 replies)
... I developed weird symptoms in May of this year which include some of your symptoms. Basically chronic pain in my sternum, back, epigastric, ribs, and diaphragm. I went from feeling good to horrible without notice. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am only 18 years old I would just like some advise from the possible condition I might have. I have had problems for around 6 weeks, firstly, I had a burning sensation pain in my upper back on both sides (around kidney area) and constipation so I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with IBS however after a week or so my bowel movements went back to normal... (5 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Jun 20, 2006
... I just read through all these posts on this thread about GERD symptoms and found it very interesting and even some humor which helps. ... (95 replies)
... i also was told i had a small hernia.I ahve pain most everyday now for about 6 months,meds don't work for me very well.its making life hard cause sometimes i hurt so bad in my chest that i cant go anywhere. ... (3 replies)
... I posted earlier today about symptoms very much like yours. Mine started with a vengence a couple of days ago....right now my upper left breast is hurting, my back on the upper left side, stomach tender to the touch and sometimes shooting pains under my ribs. I don't know what it is..... ... (10 replies)
LPR, Gerd?
Nov 15, 2007
... now on the right, I think in the lung bronchial area. Several months ago it was on the left side. ... (9 replies)
Chest pains
Nov 2, 2006
... hello, i have been suffering with constant belching and chest pain in the left side for several months, i have had a chest xray and blood tests all have came back normal, i also feel the need to constantly clear my throat and occassionaly the mucus is blood stained, my question is could it be GERD. ANY HELP WOULD BE GRATEFULLY APPREICIATED:confused: (4 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Apr 23, 2006
... Katt, I also get the flushing skin, (Almost looks like I am sunburned. The whole top of my chest,neck and face), dizzy, and feeling faint. Since I am 45 I was chalking this one up to good ole hot flashes. I'm now betting its the reflux. I'd sweat so much the back of my hair would be drenched. One thing about this board is that you know you are not alone and just when a new... (95 replies)
... Does anyone else get palpatations with Gerd sometimes? ... (7 replies)
Gerd = cramps?
Jan 6, 2009
... yeah i cant even take meds because they are worse than the benefit. I still get cramps in my left chest around my heart and sometimes palpatations even without hte meds, i just hope i have no cardiac problems even though they say i dont. ... (3 replies)
... etc since before xmas. my PPI did have not had any effect, altough I only took one. I live in England and i think our doctors are a bit backward when it comes to gerd as I have never really been told what I have they say I may have reflux. ... (5 replies)
... My 35 year old daughter went to the ER yesterday after suffering sharp, stabbing pains on the left side of her chest. ... (5 replies)
Possible GERD
Jul 13, 2006
... shortness of breath except when I am sleeping for about 2 months. I seem to have a hard time getting a good breath and sign and yawn frequently. Sometimes I have pain on the left side and left shoulder. ... (3 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Apr 19, 2006
... O'man I have so many symptoms I will forget 1/2 of them. heart palps spasms/esphogus burning swelling in throat & esphogus can't swallow well feels like food is stuck back pain/sholder chest pain/left side gas/belching feeling on the verge of asthma attack (95 replies)
... Today I noticed that when I ate breakfast when I swallowed it hurt terribly in my upper chest on the left side of my breast bone. So much I couldn't continue eating. Also, it made me want to scratch it for some reason. ... (0 replies)

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