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... I was recently diagnosed with LPR and my ENT doc put me on a pretty restrictive diet. ... (1 replies)
... n't need tonsillectomy.He said it might be chronic tonsillitis. He asked me if I have heartburn, I said no. He said there is a very little chance that it can be acid reflux but if I don't have heartburn it is not. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I started symptoms of running nose for no reason and what I can only describe as mucus/phelgm/liquid in my throat, I was given a nasal spray for post nasal drip, the spray has dried up the running nose but no change to the throat issues. I was then told it was Acid Reflux and put on Omeprazole 20-40mg per day. They don't seem to remove the symptoms now tested for H.Pylori... (1 replies)

... Try not worrying about it, everything causes cancer. Funny, I read one study that said people with acid reflux have less cancer. Just try to reduce your reflux and don't worry about cancer. ... (3 replies)
... I don't believe we actually have reflux. Studies in the last 5 years are increasingly calling into question the "difficulty" of making an LPR diagnosis, particularly since we mostly have no heartburn, no previous acid problems until the acute onset, no signs on barium swallow or endoscopy. ... (91 replies)
... hi dsfree. I also have this same mucus problem except I have acid reflux which I knew I had and as confirmed by a GI with endoscopy. and I was also seen by a ENT and they scoped me and said my throat looked fine. ... (8 replies)
... Because I think people who happen to have neuropathy rather than LPR will often be on these boards. The LPR treatments will not work for them, so they will go to these boards in frustration. ... (91 replies)
... It is very strange that your doctor was able to diagnose reflux, but he didn't even give you a sample of reflux medication? ... (5 replies)
... ons. Or is it ACID ready to kill my esophagus and throat!? ... (9 replies)
... I am beginning to wonder if I have Bile Reflux instead of Acid Reflux that is causing my LPR. Will the PH test tell me for sure if I have Acid Reflux or Bile Reflux? ... (0 replies)
... To stop the reflux OR to stop the symptoms? ... (91 replies)
... Probably a very small percentage of the people who have throat symptoms but no regular heartburn have a reflux issue. ... (8 replies)
... It sounds like you have plenty of experience with Acid Reflux. I wish I had some constructive advice, but I really don't know what to do in your situation. ... (5 replies)
... I have had the endoscopy and everything is clear, no Barret's esophogus. From everything I've read, LPR and GERD are different reflux disorders. The term LPR is used to describe the acid in the stomach that comes up into the throat at the level of the laryngopharynx. LPR causes irritation and changes in the larynx. ... (5 replies)
... The lump in the throat or globus is a classic symptom of LPR or Laryngo Pharyngeal Reflux which is a form of acid reflux which largely bypasses the esophaegus hence no heartburn situation. ... (6 replies)
Acid reflux
Oct 11, 2014
... I have pretty severe reflux issues and now get it under control for periods of time, then have 'flares' usually triggered by a cough. ... (3 replies)
... I had reflux years ago and the dr. prescribed a medication that only worked for a short time, so I went back to him. ... (1 replies)
... bad breath and the reflux going into my sinuses causing ''mind fog'' and a feeling of malaise, especially when I lay down. ... (1 replies)
Acid Reflux
Jan 31, 2012
... Apparently, there are two types of acid reflux: GERD, and LPR For people suffering from GERD, frequent heartburn and chest pain are the common symptoms. I think people also complain about feeling very full after eating just a little bit, and even nausea in some cases. LPR affects the throat, and leads to chronic throat irritation, problems with the voice, a feeling like... (1 replies)
... GERD for years. Despite multiple approaches to treatment and ongoing treatment, I still have severe LPR with acid coming up past my vocal cords over half the day. ... (1 replies)

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