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Jun 10, 2014
... oderation. However since august 2013 is been another story! I ended up on antibitocs 3 times since August and my body is defiantly not the same. I believe I have LPR because I barely get heartburn, my chest usually will feel like there's a bunch of air in it like a full feeling. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe I'll give it another shot since I do know GERD and LPR are different chronic diseases. Personally, when I did before, I thought I was going to die and lost my voice completly for weeks. Burnt like hell. ... (13 replies)
... inegar straight! of course it will cause you to choke, gag and feel like, well, acid is running down your throat. that's what it is! ACID. You have to dilute the ACV in water. My mix is 1 TBS ACV and 1 TBS of honey mixed in a glass of water or fruit juice. I do this twice a day. ... (9 replies)

... I have had LPR episodes off and on for 10 years. Most recent one started a couple of weeks ago and was severe. Have been on ACV for two days. This is the first time I have used it. Symptoms have improved. Most of my sore throat is gone, and voice has come back. ... (13 replies)
Tried ACV.....
Feb 14, 2007
... I would say I did suffer from LPR... I hadn't heard of it until I went to the ENT in November because my throat was hurting. (Part of the trouble was my golf ball-sized tonsils that I had removed.) He looked at my throat with that through-the-nose camera and said it was LPR. He changed me from Prilosec OTC to Protonix in the AM and Zantac 75 before bed. Before long, I was... (5 replies)
... or esophagus the ACV will irritate them. That's what has happened to me after a few days of ACV. I knew my esophagus was inflamed when I started the ACV but decided to try it anyway. Had to stop because inflammation got worse. ... (13 replies)
... r less, we are on our own figuring it out I think. Acid reduction might be good, but there are med issues exactly as you described, and it's a sideways fix. Your LPR is most likely not from your stomach producing abnormally high amounts of HCL. ... (2 replies)
... ve eaten, thus the acid starts coming back up. The ACV tricks the stomach, kickstarting the digestion process. ... (13 replies)
... heartburn having never really had heartburn before and never had any sleeping issues at all in last 5 weeks since PPIs. Now I have alternating GERD and LPR type symptoms. Should I assume this is classic PPI rebound from cutting my dosage in half? ... (18 replies)
Jun 11, 2014
... Just my thought, so do with it what you want. The ACV is most definitely making it worse. ... (3 replies)
... I have had some relief useing acv. One important note about buying the right kind of acv is to buy unpastuized with mother. This means it is pure and natural and still with the goodness in it. ... (9 replies)
ACV and honey?
Sep 7, 2006
... i've tried the acv and am now on the manuka honey. ... (9 replies)
... tor called it an ulcer and that was as far as the treatment went at the time. That was about 2 years ago. I spent up until April treating my anxiety, fear, and LPR symptoms with alcohol. That didn't work very well, but I gave it a good shot. ... (20 replies)
... I have had the WORST LPR I'VE EVER HAD . ... (0 replies)
... anyone tried the ACV method for LPR? ... (9 replies)
LPR Frustrations!
Jul 26, 2008
... Hi Blanfier, What is the baking soda recipe you mention? I would like to try it. If I have anything acidic at all though (I'm frightened to try ACV), the pain in my throat and ears is too much from the LPR. I've been on Protonix 2x day for 10 weeks now, and my IBS started after being on the meds; however, my LPR is so bad, I also have to take Pepsid and antacids most days... (34 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with LPR for about 6 months, and am taking Nexium 40mg 2Xday. It seems to be working somewhat, but not consistently and I don't want to depend on it forever. ... (13 replies)
... I had believed it was from ACV. So I ended up stopping the usage of ACV and I was still having problems with my throat. I have begun to realize since this began I had recently started eating more veggies! ... (3 replies)
Jun 11, 2014
... Thank you; yeah I was thinking about that yesterday and decided I was going to stop the ACV. I do take Florastor 250mg once daily. (3 replies)
... Spunky, research Apple Cider Vinegar. The ”Mother” in it is what supplies the needed nutrients. The one from the store is not beneficial. Braggs with ”Mother” is awesome. Read the side effects of your medications and you may think twice about taking them. No, I completely stopped taking my meds and now take AVC or eat a pickel - both work great! A pickel or pickel juice has... (17 replies)

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