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Gerd or lpr?
May 26, 2011
... GERD can have many of the symptoms with LPR, but also heartburn, which actually is rarely experienced by LPR patient like myself. In fact, I have never had heartburn. ... (6 replies)
... thus the LPR diagnosis. ... (24 replies)
... m a 20 year old male with no prior reflux problems. Roughly about a year and a half ago I spent the year abroad on a college study program in Israel. ... (35 replies)

... Hi guys ! I see we do share a lot of common symtoms and now I am more than sure that tmj and lpr are interrelated. ... (24 replies)
... Making sure to avoid stomach contractions in exercise was also an important factor. ... (23 replies)
LPR remedies
Jun 10, 2017
... I'm 51 yrs old and in good physical condition. I exercise on a fairly regular basis. I smoked for 18 yrs and have been quit for almost 14 yrs. About 2 months ago I went walking with a friend. We walked at a good pace and talked the whole time. ... (4 replies)
LPR and Dry Mouth
Oct 31, 2008
... Does anybody on this board that has LPR only have dry mouth. I'm beginning to believe that the reason we have LPR is a lack of saliva preventing the reflux from causing inflammation. ... (0 replies)
... the ENT can also do PH testing to track and "confirm" if acid is travelling into your vocal area. Make sure your ENT has good background in LPR Reflux so you dont waste time. Your insurance may or may not require a referral? ... (24 replies)
... Hi. I am coming up on a year of LPR and I have found nothing that helps. ... (4 replies)
... I wish there was a little more to clarify. If I'm not mistaken these have been used to help stroke victims and others with weak swallowing reflexes, help them swallow more normally at the time of eating. ... (119 replies)
... If you read my earlier posts I was sure my LPR was caused by the same reason pregnant women get Heartburn, pressure on the stomach. ... (1 replies)
... of times a day. It causes headaches and a loss of voice. ... (14 replies)
... the usual thing that get y'all don't bother me. But I started the diet "Body For Life" on Monday, which is done in conjunction with a weight training and exercise program. The big difference for me is that it has you eat about 300 calories every 3 hours. ... (0 replies)
My LPR cure
Mar 19, 2017
... ray test. The tests didn't showed much really, no confirmation of LPRD. But every morning I get up with all the symptoms, and about an hour after each meal, same thing. Gaviscon with alginic acid helps, but only a bit. ... (8 replies)
... I have had chest infections and problems from a very young age, but these problems have never been correctly diagnosed. ... (0 replies)
... Ok I am 26 years old. I am 6 foot 155 lbs. with no known health problems. Here are my symptoms. Symptoms that have duped several doctors and causing me to have a very low quality of life. All the while being told my "anxiety" is cauisng it and to take Paxil. How degrading. ... (3 replies)
LPR and Excercise
Oct 29, 2012
... I don't have any asthma symptoms but I have had to modify my exercise routine to some degree. ... (4 replies)
LPR and Excercise
Oct 29, 2012
... I have shortness of breath/asthma like symptoms when I exercise. I don't play basketball anymore because of this. (4 replies)
... ing an issue with GERD. However stress can be a big issue with GERD to so perhaps focus on the immediate issue of lifestyle changes, diet , sleeping on a wedge and get the reflux under control. Leave the concern about Ativan until later, if you do try to get off it do some research on the net and taper off it. ... (1 replies)
Jun 27, 2017
... Sorry, I thought I replied but apparently I didnt. It is nearly impossible for me to do not have stress. I diet and exercise and are pretty slim. ... (4 replies)

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