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... Hi everyone. I have a specific question in regards to medication for LPR. ... (7 replies)
... For the last several years I have been dealing with LPR. The two medicines that have helped me most has been Elavil and Paxil, believe it or not. The antacids/PPI's helped a little but when I started treating the stress/anxiety issues I found the most relief. I take Elavil at night which helps me sleep and Paxil in the morning to help with the anxiety. Within two weeks my... (7 replies)
... I have tried the alkaline water and it didn't seem to help me. Sometimes I would gargle with water with a small amount of baking soda in it, especially when my throat was burning badly. Also it was helpful when I stopped using cough drops that contain menthol (most brands do). My ENT told me that menthol is a strong version of mint which is not good for LPR. (7 replies)

... drinkng alkaline water after an episode of reflux in the throat. Normal water has a ph of 7. I drink a glass of Evamore in the morning with a ph of 8.8 if I have LPR at night. There has been some research on alkaline water neutralizing pepsin in the throat and esophagus preventing damage of those tissues. ... (7 replies)
... Yes that is very helpful. When this issue started they thought it was anxiety related and put me on ativan to help with that. That medication was very effective but made me emotionally unstable. Did you go see a psychiatrist for the medication you mentioned? ... (7 replies)
... However, I also noticed that when the medication would begin to wear off, I would start coughing. ... (42 replies)
OTC Medication
Aug 2, 2006
... That said, you have a number of choices at the pharmacy counter, by prescription and the key thing to remember is that you need a double dose of whatever medication that you choose. That means a double dose of the maximum strength pill of whatever medication you get a prescription for. ... (2 replies)
... Eventhough I was on thyroid medication to supplement what my natural gland no longer produced as a result of the surgery, I still had many lingering symptoms of hypothyroidism. ... (15 replies)
... I would stress out and NOT sleep. This medication allowed me to sleep through the night. And I strongly agree that sleep is extremely important. ... (9 replies)
... I would stress out and NOT sleep. This medication allowed me to sleep through the night. And I strongly agree that sleep is extremely important. ... (9 replies)
... I may be onto something here with LPR. Is there anybody that has LPR that can honestly say they are not taking any other medications? ... (6 replies)
... reacting. But as everyone who suffers with LPR knows, the horrible problems that it can cause are really distressing to say the least. ... (23 replies)
... happy to share what has worked for me. I had the same experience with the LPR diagnois. My LPR was extremely severe. ... (55 replies)
... contradicts the idea of pinning this on LPR. It is much more classic GERD. In fact, LPR has very little relationship with what you eat, whereas GERD has a very high relationship. ... (15 replies)
... month that passes and no medication or surgery worked. Well, let me qualify acid score after surgery went from a 40 to a . ... (119 replies)
... s with LPR. The PPIs didn't work. Then I came out of sugery 10x worse and saw my beautiful life going down the drain and no Dr seemed to understand how serious LPR is, nor cared to explain or research anything. LPR can't be seen outwardly and no one has ever heard of it and everyone looks at you like your crazy. ... (119 replies)
... gas that rises to the throat is small enough only to burn the throat. Not the lower esophogus. Generally speaking people with LPR have no GERD pain. ... (119 replies)
For Those With LPR
Sep 26, 2007
... I read one of your post about how you have tried everything for LPR with no success. I thought for a second, hey, this is me. If I didn't know better I could of written that post. ... (17 replies)
... As for the Mucinex, my ENT DOES want to thin my mucous. Part of LPR for some people is the mucous that hangs in the back of the throat, which I am experiencing. ... (4 replies)
... Skylar, I really understand how your feel nervous about taking medication every day. However, LPR is a serious condition, and left untreated, can lead to even less pleasant possibilities, like laryngeal and esophageal cancers, and Barret's esophagous. ... (23 replies)

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