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... Anyway, the ENT agreed that LSN could be a factor as well. I've already started on nexium for the LPR and am about to start on neurontin for LSN. ... (18 replies)
Feb 7, 2014
... k to square one. I'm also suffering with postnasal drip which I believe is a symptom of LPR, and right now along with the burning it feels a bit like I have some phlegm just sort of stuck in there. ... (4 replies)
... what I imagined too, after my throat just went crazy during a virus. It would be relentless. Globus after eating, like there was a balloon in my throat. Then phlegm for hours. I'd drink water like crazy to experiment, and the best that I'd get was a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. ... (2 replies)

Mar 27, 2013
... So the Nissen did not cure your LPR symptoms. My main symptoms are sore throat, post nasal drip, excessive phlegm, ear pain and bad breath. ... (43 replies)
... Following on from the thread ’LPR as something else, falsely being treated as acid reflux? ‘ I think I am cured!!! Thank you so much ‘Seeking Sunrise’ for advice posted. I have suffered from occasional cricopharyngeal spasms following stressful employment situations. The last occasion it kicked in was two days prior to undergoing a big spinal operation in September. I... (1 replies)
... I'm not sure about the GABA, but you asked if anyone had any success with any other methods, and your symptoms sound eerily similar to mine--blobs of mucus, diminished sense of taste and smell, suspected sinus infection, and not having any heartburn, only I had some asthma thrown into the mix as well. In fact, I spent this past Thanksgiving in the hospital. What fun... (34 replies)
... could be a constellation of things that some experience and some don't, that don't simply fit the story of reflux and attendant whys and wherefores that make it LPR and not GERD. And patient reporting is a factor. ... (119 replies)
... en I try to sleep on my back without the CPAP breathing machine. I never did any of this until 3 years ago when the GERD got really bad and the first symptoms of LPR started. ... (17 replies)
... I have suffered from LPR for over a year now. I was on Prevacid and then Nexium for six months with little to no relief. ... (20 replies)
... Are you being treated ? How is the treatment coming along ? (6 replies)
... It's possible that you could have LPR, but only an ENT can make that diagnosis. With my LPR, I usually get burning in my throat, tightness & swelling, redness, hoarseness, shortness of breath, chest heaviness, globus sensation, excess phlegm, dryness with a dry cough, and sinus irritation and swelling. (6 replies)
LPR symptoms
May 1, 2009
... ch. They may also effect the way other meds may be absorbed in the body. So I take my vitamins and supplements when I get up, have breakfast, and then take the LPR meds before I leave for work. ... (7 replies)
... I had to look up that LPR. Interesting. It makes sense. Looks like it's caused by good old fashioned GERD inflaming your esophagus and causing your sphincters to spasm. I like to always look for the least complicated answer that fits my symptoms, at least until proven otherwise, heaven forbid. As far as the chunks you're caughing up, chronic alllergic rhinitis is hay fever.... (6 replies)
... es the feeling of something "squirting" up my esophagus, and in the past few weeks, serious hoarseness if I talk more than a few minutes. The throat clearing and phlegm are worse when I am hungry. ... (4 replies)
May 28, 2006
... Hi everyone. I was just curious about the difference between GERD and LPR. I do not have heartburn, that is why I am curious if I have LPR (which sounds worse than GERD). Although I do get acid reflux on occassion after heavy meals. I also have a sore throat that comes and goes and I have a lot of phlegm. My doctor said that those things did not relate to GERD and were... (0 replies)
... Sounds like LPR but its hard to be sure, for many of us LPR can be very hard to treat. See if you can find any way to confirm the diagnosis, also if its LPR there are many adaptations you can make to help treat it. ... (8 replies)
... I have been 2 years suffering of mucus or phlegm in my throat I have the need to always keep clearing. ... (7 replies)
LPR Help
Nov 21, 2013
... Thank you so much for your response. I have been trying to keep track of what she is eating and how it effects her. Her phlegm is pretty thick each and every day. Just when I think its one food and take it away then the phlegm gets worse! So frustrating. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the response! Yes, tapering might have been a contributor last week. I had also quit taking Singulair which is supposed to reduce inflammation but since the attack I'm taking it again. If I seem to have trouble coughing up mucus again I will try something like Zantac during the tapering. That's the only issue I've had so far. I will also read more about yours... (2 replies)
... If you look at Sheepdog's recent postings, you can see that she says phlegm was a major problem which lyrica got rid of ALMOST completely. That matches my experience. ... (35 replies)

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