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... throat though it tends to clear up after being up in about two hours. I am getting a little chest pain specifically after eating. I seem to be producing a lot of phlegm recently. ... (20 replies)
... Hello everyone, I had my tonsils out in october, and since then (well, since recovery) my throat has felt swollen, feels full of mucous and i'm constantly clearing my throat. I also have a bad taste in my mouth and bad breath. In addition, my throat feels particularly uncomfortable when i talk, and certain words 'catch' in the throat. I have seen ENT specialists (UK NHS so... (65 replies)
... Ginger, Wow, I really enjoy your posts. I love how thorough you are! I still have alot of questions, as what the specialist told me conflicts with some of this. But I think most of the doctors play a guessing game most of the time, and hope the meds will prove them right. I too have no nasal or sinus symptoms. Every once in awhile I can blow my nose, but honestly I dont... (65 replies)

... Hi Guys. read my threads on LPR on this forum. You can do a search at the top of the page and find them. ... (2 replies)
... I am a classical baritone (singer). So glad to meet all of you wonderful souls and I wish optimal health for each of you. Trying to solve a health crisis is no way to spend one’s precious time! I am in the process of writing and EXTREMELY comprehensive and straightforward guide to solving reflux from almost every angle imaginable, but until then here is my story. My hope is... (1 replies)
... Back in 2010 I posted on here with numerous issues with throat/headaches/phlegm issues etc. I was put on 2x-day Aciphex which eventually got switched to 2x-day Nexium. Over the years I have had several other issues related to this, ended up having gallbladder removed, tonsils removed because they kept getting infected and inflamed. Probably for the last 4 years I have... (1 replies)
... I think it's time for another update and I am indeed much better! I still have some phlegm and throat clearing but it's better. ... (16 replies)
... Hey I only had barium swallow, they said all was ok, then also a chest scanner because I felt some kind of burning pain in the right side of my chest. All went fine so indeed it had to be nerve related. I can say I am doing better, for some reason my symtpms get better in the summer and are worse in the winter, which makes me think it's a throat issue or nerve damage.... (18 replies)
Feb 8, 2014
... Oddly enough I have also been a sniffly person. After brushing my teeth ina morning I HAVE to blow my nose afterwards, after eating is the same I seem to produce phlegm when eating and cough for hours afterwards. ... (4 replies)
... BrienE, thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I would be prepared to go without meds and find other ways to cope were it not for the immense ear and head pain. I would be willing to try surgery although I realise there are risks and indeed it doesn't always work and could worsen the situation. However, at 32 I'm not sure the long-term solution for me is diet and... (2 replies)
... Yes i know what you want to say, because i thought the same way i think that doctors just try to get money out of it, nothing more but you know the feeling is horrible that i am ready for anything to get rid of it, and about alcohol as you know we don't drink alcohol here in Egypt but i tried sucking mints, it just give really a very temporary relief but if you follow... (14 replies)
... A lot of the throat symptoms cleared after my surgery. I no longer have the feeling of a lump and lots of phlegm, but I still get some symptoms. I still have some throat clearing, occasional sore throats and dry burning throat. I also still get nasal and sinus problems. (14 replies)
... It's like LPR or something like that. I just can't believe that I am the only person who gets these symptoms that are so annoying. I need a support group!!! ha!! ... (4 replies)
... Have you been to a Pulmonologist yet? They might be able to give you a different perspective on the cough. Especially since you are having issues with with phlegm. (20 replies)
... Ok I looked it up you put that stuff in your mouth and cheek. I do take digestive enzymes which contain those ingredients but its pill form. They are really ment to help breakdown food in your stomach. I would never put that stuff in your mouth. No wonder it was burning after a while. (91 replies)
... Ease contains protease, papain, and bromelain, which supposedly break down thick phlegm and maintain one's voice. I used it for several weeks and it helped my voice, but it always left a mild stinging sensation in my throat. ... (91 replies)
... male, and I just started gagging and vomiting after almost anything i ate. It was crazy, I was like what is wrong with me. Also, I had a ton of mucus and phlegm during this time, and tons of burping which I still do. Now at 23, I believe it has slowly progressed worsened in that I am coughing more times than not... ... (17 replies)
... I read a post by a singer who said lyrica solved that person's problem. their voice was not able to switch and they were producing a lot of phlegm. Again, could be reflux. Could not be. You could always hedge your bets and take the ppis with lyrica. Anyway, I'll definitely be sure to let you know how it fares with me. Weirdly, today my symptoms are the best they've... (11 replies)
... definitite improvement, but still have the feeling of phlegm stuck in the throat a good deal of the time. Wondering if "Nexium" might be more effective. ... (6 replies)
LPR symptoms
May 15, 2009
... Hi! Ditto the experiences of others posting here, but mine definitely began as a result of my dratted CPAP machine, which I've long since quit using. I tried everything drs suggested, but here's what gives me relief. I slept in a recliner for a few years, now propped on a couch. I try to stay at about a 45 degree angle. When visiting, I take a lot of bedrolls with me to... (7 replies)

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