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Phlegm from throat
Aug 13, 2008
... ould be several different things and swelling may or may not be related. Personally, I'm 55 and I think I look more like the turkey neck thing. LOL. I do have LPR and the same symptoms you describe along with about 10 others at times. ... (1 replies)
LPR Frustrations!
Jul 30, 2008
... in the past couple of days I've felt a real improvement. I have just a bit of phlegm in the morning, but I've been clear for most of the day. ... (34 replies)
... Strange you mentioned using coke to help your LPR. It's suppose to be the worst thing for you. All carbonated beverages, in fact. But, I feel the same as you. When I drink a good cold coke it does seem to remove that mucus feeling. Especially with ice. I don't feel like Coke bothers me at all and my Dr. say's to just not drink a whole lot every day. It's more solid food... (4 replies)

... Thank you so much Rose for your reply, this does sound like a possibility and will put it to my doctor. For the past two yeras i just keep being given antibiotics as they think it's a chest infection but i have always disagreed.I am constantly trying to clear my throat, usually it is just fluid type substance or phlegm. What is the treatment for this usually? Many thanks... (40 replies)
... less phlegm in my throat, but I still have a bad cough. ... (12 replies)
... My main symptoms are hoarseness, coughing, phlegm in my throat, and a feeling of pressure in my chest. I do have trouble getting food to go down, though no problem with the swallowing part. ... (6 replies)
New LPR Theory
May 10, 2006
... It's funny you came out with this now. My never-ending symptoms are throat-related. And much of it feels like "sinus drip", but since I'm an expert at sinuses :cool: , I don't think it is normal sinus trouble. It feels too low generally for that, and it's almost non-stop. Feels like I'm constantly fighting liquid (or phlegm-like substance). Constantly warm. I'm not... (3 replies)
... I understand what you're going thru with the symptoms though. It is very, very frustrating with phlegm that will not go away and a throat that just can't cope. ... (20 replies)
... Hey Zoot, I have been wondering how you are doing. I have hit a few road bumps with my meds. Had to go off for a few days (long story, but my first idiot doctors office dropped the ball). Anyway, I am stable, like you. I still have symptoms, but they arent getting worse. Thing is, not necessarily getting better either. I dont think they are as bad as they were on initial... (65 replies)
... I have been through that.. Do you start to have phlegm soon after you eat so you fell like you have to clear your throat? ... (5 replies)
... in which the acid effects the throat, ears and nose. Excessive phlegm or mucous is a symptom of LPR. The symptoms that you described are the same things that I deal with. ... (1 replies)
... In my case, water makes me worse; the more I drink the more mucus appears. Same goes for manuka honey, anti-allergy tablets and other similar things. I don't know if anxiety can inflame the throat in any way? (4 replies)
... foods that make you burp, as I believe a lot of the acid comes up through burping. And drink a lot of water, which may help make the phlegm less viscous. ... (4 replies)
... gh a deep research. He checked my throat, sinus and the vocal cords with endoscopic camera and stated that I have sypmtoms of LPR. In fact I had researched about LPR before going to him because ever since I started to have these sypmtoms I was searching on the internet anyway. ... (1 replies)
Jul 5, 2011
... It sounds a lot like what my dad is going through. I think it's LPR, a form of GERD which doesn't involve heartburn but includes the phlegm factor. ... (2 replies)
... You probably have LPR, which is not serious. LPR means you have acid that's spilling over from your esophagus into your throat. Usually there is no heartburn with it. ... (5 replies)
... i'm sure you're producing much more phlegm now since you have LPR and more phlegm means more bacteria. there are lots of places in the back of your throat that gathers this mucous including the tonsils. ... (5 replies)
Post nasal drip?
Apr 20, 2010
... Could someone please help me clarify whether post nasal drip is actually a typical symptom of lpr/general reflux? I experience really bad post nasal drip. I can feel the sinus drainage going down the back of my throat, and even see it coming down. My ENT however, has told me that what I believe is post nasal drip is actually just phlegm, and mucus that has come up from my... (5 replies)
... (7 replies)
... Do you burp, suffer from any symptoms of LPR such as excess phlegm in the throat? ... (5 replies)

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