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... Well my LPR is back worse than ever also!...I cough so hard it feels like my head is going to explode. ... (15 replies)
... the lump went away and just had phlegm after brushing my teeth. ... (2 replies)
... wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, sweets, tomatoes, etc.. My diet is becoming extremely limited and I STILL have phlegm problems..mainly in the morning, but it can happen anytime. ... (8 replies)

Stubborn mucus?
Jul 13, 2006
... It's amazing!! I definitely have cut out as many dairy products as I can, I've experienced exactly what your husband has, especially with cheese.;) For Aswander, I'm on a 30mg pill of Prevacid, so I'm taking the right amount for LPR:) (15 replies)
... Did they say you had mitral valve prolapse and then say you didn't? I started to get my barking chest cough early on. I also have a lot of mucus in the back of my throat. However, recently I just started to get he lump feeling in my throat and sometimes it feels lower into my chest. But the feeling comes and goes. I've been left to wonder if the Prilosec has caused this... (8 replies)
... So sorry you are going through all of these tests and left with no answers. When you feel there is something wrong with your heart it is very scary. Most of the tests you have had I have also had, a murmur was found and then it was not there after a second test, then I had an echo and it was mitral valve prolapse. EKG's, stress tests, and etc. My heart pounded so hard it... (8 replies)
... Well, it's GERD .. it's LPR ... It's Acid Reflux ... it's a ton of things. ... (35 replies)
... Well, it's GERD .. it's LPR ... It's Acid Reflux ... it's a ton of things. ... (35 replies)
... Hello all My name is Zeyad Zaghloul I was diagnosed to suffer from LPR ( laro-pharngeal reflux ), which makes me have chronic throat inflammations or probably cricopharngal muscle spasm. ( in addition i have small hiatial hernia ) and i have this complain since five years but it developed worse this last year or more that i can no more bear it. My only symptom or most... (6 replies)
... My stomach problems started 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with GERD & LPR. I was on 40mg of nexium daily but still suffering, so had nissen done April 2010. I was ok for a while and then problems started again, and now they are really bad. Unfortunately the doctors weren't taking me seriously enough, since they did an MRI and an endoscoppy last Feb which showed nothing. But the... (3 replies)
... You think it is possible to have Barrett's with mild symtoms like yours ? Thnx (7 replies)
... or sour but often not. I usually wake up with a mildly sore throat but it goes away with a drink of water. My lpr symptoms do not seem that bad compared to what is often described. ... (7 replies)
... I have been diagnosed been acid reflux and LPR, and small hiatus hernia.The LPR has been under control with nexium 40mg X2 a day, but the stomach burning, and excess phlegm, and burping, funny stomach pain like hunger pains are there most of the time!! Lately not on a daily basis yet, I get this sensation that I have dust like stuff on the throat and I need to clear my... (15 replies)
... I don't know what to think. For two years now I have had excess phlegm in the back of my throat which I try to cough up and I only get it when I'm sleeping. It's like I'm drowning in mucous. ... (5 replies)
... at only showed a deviated septum and a couple of cysts in sinuses. Neither of the 2 ENTs felt that this was the cause of the mucus. Allergist diagnosed me with LPR since allergy tests were negative. ... (7 replies)
... I also have the cough and phlegm but no burning or acid. ... (19 replies)
... is one of the symptoms of LPR. I would never have guessed that since I always associated it with allergies or sinus infections. I do think that many people with LPR also suffer from allergies but the post nasal drip can definately be coming from the acid. ... (7 replies)
How do you know
Dec 28, 2005
... ll i know is that i cough day and night but not all the time, its worse at night and sometimes if i lay down i feel its difficult to breathe. I now have constant phlegm in the back of my throat that wont come up or go down, if i cough it often comes up and chokes me but does not come out. ... (14 replies)
Dec 22, 2005
... So, not sure if this is GERD related or something else. I went for a sinus Cat Scan no sinusitis or inflamation of the sinuses. I've heard of smoething call LPR that is similar to GERD and has some of these symptoms. ... (2 replies)
Aug 24, 2005
... you probably have LPR or laryngopharyngeal reflux, rather than typical GERD. ... (5 replies)

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