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... eresting subject. Part of me is surprised no doctor has researched the cause to come up with a reason, but on the other hand the drug companies make so much from LPR drugs, I can't imagine they'd every support that research project. ... (119 replies)
... So, I see 1,077 posts but ony 6 responses and 3 of them are mine. I went to the ENT yesterday for 6 week follow up. Basically I was diagnosed with LPR based on the finding that my vocal folds were slightly red. She said of her 20 years in practice, this is the most common factor amongst those with LPR. ... (7 replies)
... a bunch of research, and I came across LPR. I read numerous postings on this message board, and got the facts straight. All my symptoms matched perfectly with an LPR sufferer. I demanded I was prescribed Nexium 40mg. It was urgent that I began immediately for two pressing reasons. ... (4 replies)

... ears ago after a dental procedure, and suffered with it for years. It SLOWLY got better, and finally settled in my upper molars, causing me to clench or press my teeth together constantly. ... (5 replies)
... there isnt a LPR drug cocktail out there yet that is a universal solution. ... (5 replies)
... I think the doctors I go to are all grasping at straws to figure out whats wrong with me. 2 1/2 months ago I started aciphex 2xday because I was having plugged ears and headaches. The ENT's always look down my throat at my vocal cords and say they look good. Yet they still say I probably have LPR. Around the middle to end of September the ear stuff was better and... (2 replies)
... I can't think of anything else specific to this.. if anyone here has experience with LPR or maybe even anything else that sounds similar to this, please reply. I am getting so frustrated with this! ... (6 replies)
... GERD and LPR are 2 seperate conditions but they seem to overlap one another. Personally, in the very beginning I thought I had a cold and laryingitis. After countless Dr. ... (48 replies)
... mouth cancer because the mouth wash opens up pores in the gums and throat and allows the chemicals in the smoke to attack the throat more. of course smoking and lpr are totally different, but i know lpr can possibly cause throat cancer, and my throat is already blistered, raw, etc. ... (4 replies)
... actually a better product would be a Flouride mouth wash. Flouride helps calcify the teeth and protects them. Listerine is great for killing bacteria and helping your gums, but flouride actually helps strengthen the teeth. ... (4 replies)
... and have them all extracted and full implants. Believe me, I did everything I could to save my real teeth and I would advise anyone to do the same because even though these 35k choppers look and work great, it's not like having your own teeth. ... (3 replies)
LPR... sore throat
Nov 21, 2012
... ad my LPR somewhat under control but went on 7 week road trip and didn't follow my routine closely so by the time I got home my sinuses were really acting up, my teeth were sensitive, and more recently my throat and ears are sore. ... (0 replies)
... I've heard that they seldom work for lpr anyway. Am I in danger of getting throat cancer if I don't treat this? ... (0 replies)
... OA getting so bad that I can barely get up and down but I did go into length how LPR affected my life and was surprised that so many took it serious. As you know, I suffer from this greatly and it has caused permanent damage to my vocal cords. ... (1 replies)
... Like you.....I'm stumped. I was skinny when this LPR crap started. Every time I went to a new Dr. they would ask, "Do you smoke? ... (5 replies)
... Ohhh my.....I'm reading all these symptoms about GERD/LPR.... I just turned 40 and I think my body is self distruct itself. :mad: Amazing how it's all related in some way. Not only am I under the 'care' (so to speak) of Gastroenterologist but I'm also under the care of a pulmonary specialist since all this started as chest pains. In another 6 months I'll have a follow up... (48 replies)
... o k7 treatment but used cranial xrays of my jaw joint to position my jaw forward. In all, I trust her. I don't present any "typical signs" of TMJ. I grind my teeth at night, I do have wear on my teeth, but my main symptoms is this discomfort I feel in my stomach, throat, and mouth. ... (12 replies)
... I have a lot of teeth problems, and I know my clenching causes a lot of issues. I am forever telling myself relax. ... (3 replies)
... No prob - do these stretches ever 2 or 3 hours (dont miss - even at work) - she also does a bunch of stuff to me that we could never do on our own 1) stand on wall with butt and shoulders on wall feet forward head leaning back against wall. Slowly lower chin towards chest keeping head back on wall... slowly... hold stretch for 5 seconds and do this 10 times (you will know... (24 replies)
... The enamel on my bottom side teeth wore away and there was some brown staining because the surface underneath the enamel is porous and absords food and drink stains. ... (3 replies)

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