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... Try it and see how it goes. You don't rinse your mouth out after or drink anything for 30 minutes. You spit out the flouride but it coats your teeth. You can also get prescription toothpaste which is 1% flouride that you brush on after brushing your teeth but same thing - you spit it out but can't rinse your mouth. I hope it will work for you. (4 replies)
Jun 28, 2017
... You seem to be trying all the self help methods I would add it is best to sleep on your left side I have night reflux and have the head of the bed raised Before bed I take liquid Gaviscon Advance, which puts a sort of raft on top of the stomach contents helping to prevent it coming upwards Other things I do is have a large tumbler of warm water half an hour before bed... (4 replies)
LPR caused by ppi
Jul 20, 2016
... Know how you feel Firstly you need to find a PPI that works to heal your gastritis and throat When everything has settled down you could try lowering the dose with the aim of self help methods Firstly piling up pillows isn't helpful as it just folds the body up Raise the head of your bed on 6" blocks Sleep on your left side Have smaller meals and none within 3-4... (1 replies)

... I have read that the ACV to get should have 'The Mother' (little threads at the bottom of the bottle) for best effect Also read some people use a straw to minimise contact with teeth I take liquid Gaviscon Double Action before bed as it forms a 'raft' on top of the stomach contents, helping to keep them where they should be I also have home made milk Kefir, made from... (10 replies)
... lieve me it is some nasty stuff. I never did get used to it. You also have to rinse your mouth out right away as the vinegar can have an adverse effect on your teeth enamel. ... (10 replies)
... I tried low dose (10mg) Amitriptylene and it was wonderful on several levels...pain relief, better sleep and less grinding of teeth. Am very disappointed as started to get palpitations on it (7 replies)
... ld say it is acidic tasting but more of a salty taste. When I test the ph of my saliva it does not test acidic but neutral. Would this mean it is not damaging my teeth because it isn't acidic? ... (7 replies)
... Well I agree about the mouthguard causing dry mouth as it certainly does for me Can't comment otherwise as I definitely have reflux as it comes up into my mouth (I feel my mouthguard complicates things as though I usually wake when reflux happens if I don't my teeth are being acutely bathed in the acid beneath the guard) (3 replies)
... I.E I grind my teeth and need to wear a mouthguard... ... (1 replies)
Feb 8, 2014
... Oddly enough I have also been a sniffly person. After brushing my teeth ina morning I HAVE to blow my nose afterwards, after eating is the same I seem to produce phlegm when eating and cough for hours afterwards. ... (4 replies)
... I seem to notice the mucus, bloating and sore scratchiness in my throat almost immediately after eating. Is this typical for you guys? I also can't seem to find any triggers. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning and start walking around I feel the post nasal drip/mucus feeling immediately. Even before I eat or drink anything. ... (8 replies)
... that my teeth are getting soft and tacky. That's concerning me hugely. ... (28 replies)
... ions play a major role in determining the pH and buffering capacity of saliva. Salivary bicarbonate can help protect teeth against attack from acids produced by bacteria in dental plaque. ... (4 replies)
... My dentist had a lab fabricate an upper acrylic flat plane occlusal guard. I wore that for many years. It was designed to keep me from causing damage to my teeth when I clench/grind while sleeping. I had no idea about the variety of TMJD symptoms until recent years though. I didn't know that the bruxing could be a sign of anything else. Anyway, the flat plane splint... (12 replies)
... H MountainReader That is an interesting one for you. I also always wake up feeling tired, and never feel refreshed. Hard for you when you know how you feel, and they say you're okay. Interesting you mention TMJ, as I also clench my jaw/teeth which I can work on during the day, but at night it just happens. Thanks for sharing Jude Obsidian - isn't it fascinating... (7 replies)
... Only me, Lovely to have you here garlicgal. I come and go depending on my mood. When I feel anxious I am best to avoid the issue and get on with life. I also do a lot of researching but once again if I feel it is causing me to become feel focused on reflux I stop for a while, as that's not healthy for me. Went to the Dr this morning, and she feels there is one story but... (61 replies)
... Hello all, I am very new to all of this, but have been reading these boards daily. I have found them to be most helpful and comforting. My story started 5 months ago when I was diagnosed with severe anemia (bad vegetarian diet and heavy periods) and needed a blood transfusion. The transfusion brought me from an iron level of 6.7 to over 11, however, I had an allergic... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone, This is the first time I am posting, but I have been lurking on these boards for the last few weeks. My story is long, but I did want to ask a question before I forget- have any of you had your gallbladder removed? I did 10 years ago and I am curious to see if there is a connection. 6 Months ago I became very anemic and needed a blood transfusion- 2 units... (119 replies)
... This is such an interesting thread. I think the best thing is knowing there are others out there with similar problems, and I'm not mad. I feel sorry for my darling husband as I do go on about it, mainly about research and what I can try next. He never says a word other than a supportive one, but must want to gag me at times. Here's a couple of thoughts - does anyone else... (119 replies)
... ere. She has undergone two sets of blood tests and all is okay there. She cries a lot and is misery. When she is suffering, she scratches her tongue using her teeth which then creates white sores on her tongue. Nothing helps and no one has been able to diagnose the problem. My husband and I are heartbroken. ... (3 replies)

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