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... I'm also wondering if my dental surgery didn't trigger this in some way. I had 3 teeth pulled and one build up done about 3 weeks prior to the onset of this nightmare. And I have a HUGE dental phobia. It was all I could do to sit through all that. ... (24 replies)
... Also I really think I have TMJ. After I had my wisdom teeth out 10 years ago my jaw would lock, especially in the morning. ... (24 replies)
... months. My chest burns a lot in the morning since my esophagus hasn't been healed yet. It burns like you drunk acid and feels like it eats the enamel off your teeth and god forbid it goes up your nose..I always have a sore throat the next day. ... (7 replies)

... New to this forum but came across this post on Google and it seems to be active. I'm just curious - have any of you been tested for Gastroparesis? It has a number of causes but one of them is damage to the Vagas nerve. EKG and EMG of leg are normal though. I have it but before developing it I had some minor neurological problems for 2yrs (allodynia, fasciculations, and... (91 replies)
... Alot of my problems with the sore throat every morning started after I took Ibuprofen for my wisdom teeth removal. ... (9 replies)
LPR symptoms
May 15, 2009
... Hi! Ditto the experiences of others posting here, but mine definitely began as a result of my dratted CPAP machine, which I've long since quit using. I tried everything drs suggested, but here's what gives me relief. I slept in a recliner for a few years, now propped on a couch. I try to stay at about a 45 degree angle. When visiting, I take a lot of bedrolls with me to... (7 replies)
... constant sniffle, throat clearing, chronic cough and sometimes cough until I'm sick. There are days I just flat can't do much for being so SOB. It's ruined my teeth and I swear my hearing. My voice has not been the same for over 10 years and I worry about the life long effects this disease can cause. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe a small glass before bedtime. It will protect your teeth too! ... (6 replies)
... I guess that test went good for me because I remember them saying I didn't have a problem with emptying. But, I was put on Reglan, which if for rapid emptying? That stuff may help me and I'm happy for them but it made me into a zombie. Wishing you good luck and some ANSWERS in the next few days. Just thought of a reason I might not have bad breath. I have no teeth,... (32 replies)
... Hmm, there is a common thread here -- I wear a mouth guard when I sleep too due to grinding my teeth. Good information on the pH test, Mountain. I am scheduled for a manometry and the 24 pH probe on June 18. It doesn't sound too bad to me. I'm happy to go through the test to find out if indeed I do have too much acid, or maybe too little. Perhaps they can figure out better... (3 replies)
... I'm (finally) scheduled to see a GI at the end of the month. I dont' even know if they plan to do the PH test thing, where you have this tube in your throat that monitors acid level. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm pretty nervous because I plan to eventually get the endonoscopy as well as the colonoscopy because I have lower GI issues, too but my primary issue will be... (3 replies)
... my teeth sensitivity seems to be improving. ... (48 replies)
... Ok here are my symptoms. 1. Tickle deep in throat while talking on phone at work turns into coughing choking fit my eyes water nose clogs. (this happen before lunch daily) 2. Feel like acid is rushing up into my mouth sometimes reaches my nose 3. sharp pains in chest 4. feels like saw dust in my throat. 5. Stomach feels like its burning 6. belching 7. feels like acidic... (48 replies)
... Wake up at night with burning throat, teeth sensitive, sometimes tongue burns. Very rare that I will have heartburn or reflux during the day unless I eat alot. ... (26 replies)
... type pain. The pain actually radiates all the way up my throat into my jaw, teeth and face! ... (22 replies)
... Ok, gotcha. The taste is more at the back of my throat, not up near my teeth. It feels the same way when I'm coming down with a cold. (6 replies)
... Where on the teeth are you seeing the erosion? ... (7 replies)
... KevinLA, The Nexium gives me 95% relief from my symptoms, of which chronic cough was the most troublesome. I have been taking Nexium 2 times a day (40 mg per pill) for 4 years. I still take it, and I take my 2 doses in the morning, together. Taking them apart doesn't work for me. I have experimented taking them apart (for 1 month, and my symptoms come back). I have also... (7 replies)
... i forgot to mention a few things i only just remembered.. since this has started i've had fairly bad breath even after brushing my teeth a million times and did everything under the sun to make it better.. and my cough is weird and high pitched almost.. ... (6 replies)
... Zoot Suit, My tounge constantly has a disgusting thick white coating that comes back no matter how many times I scrape it off. I get huge white tonsilloliths (tonsil rocks) oozing from my tonsil pits. I have nasty breath that seems to come from deep down, and my dentist accused me of bulimia because the acid took most of my tooth enamel off (I have the teeth of a 70 year... (2 replies)

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