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... Ok Im going to join back in here. From reading all this Im pretty convinced that LPR is my problem. Yes, the ENT used the nasal scope and saw some redness of the larynx. ... (107 replies)
... I think LPR might be my problem. I went ot the ENT for a feeling of sometihgn in my throat all the time. It did not feel like mucous, it felt solid. But there was nothing else wrong and he said I had LPR. ... (107 replies)
... I have been clearing my throat all the time also. Of course, that makes it even more sore. ... (107 replies)

Mucus in throat
Aug 15, 2007
... How does LPR make you have mucous in your throat all the time? ... (21 replies)
... tho i really only suspected it was acid reflux for the past 7 months. ... (107 replies)
... Or did he just look in the back of your throat with you opening up and saying AHHH with a flashlight? ... (107 replies)
... I still have the lump in my throat and miserable. Today I decided to get the stuff for a parasite and fungal cleansing after another doctor put me on 2 aciphex a day!! When I had a live blood test done, it showed I ranked high on this. ... (107 replies)
... d is OK so far but I do ask my GYN to check it yearly as I have been gaining weight. Truthfully I think that's due to some bad eating habits and slacking off at the gym! I've been suffering with anemia for a looooong time and that's been addressed by several specialists working together. ... (107 replies)
... wow, that is exactly the way I felt. always wondering if the mucous caused the irritation... ... (107 replies)
... I'm taking RELIV...will let you know how it works. Nothing else has helped my LPR Reflux, which it seems you have. Was the Motility 24-hr test awful?? I'm scheduled for one this month. CHRIS (107 replies)
... Looks like this topic died. Well I have been dealing with the mucous in the throat for about 1 year and 2 months. Started at the pulmonologist. He thought it might be allergies. ... (107 replies)
... There, now that you have been hugged, let me say I have been going through the SAME exact thing for several months. ... (107 replies)
Mucous in throat
Nov 24, 2007
... stress plays no role, no link to foods. The only thing I can link it to is being tired. ... (2 replies)
... LPRer myself. On March 4 I went to the ER with hot fire in my lungs. ... (107 replies)
... Well, I am probably the wrong person to ask "how sure I am of the diagnosis"...I am a very analytical person, and need to have things make methodical sense to me. ... (107 replies)
... lump in throat, thirsty at night, etc. ... (107 replies)
... How long have you been on the PPIs? ... (107 replies)
... I had the mucous in the back of the throat a few years ago. My doctor gave me instructions for mixing Benydryl and Mylanta together. I think it was half and half. ... (107 replies)
... I have the mucous in my throat and a constant cough that will not go away. My lungs also get sore. I've been to the Allergy Dr. and they said that eventually the 40 grams of Nexium that I'm taking will alleviate this. What exactly is LPR? ... (107 replies)
... Hi all, I have been on these message boards fairly frequently over the last few years. I have unknowingly suffered from silent acid reflux for quite a few years now. Constant sore throats that were treated as colds etc etc. ... (9 replies)

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