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... Hi, I realized that i get sick usually stomach pain associated with nausea, lost of appetite, pain in the chest, burping like crazy and even vomiting when something happen for instance: Those feeling started when my mom passed away 2 years ago, i get so scare i throw up and then the following 3 weeks it's hello stomach sickness. 2 weeks ago, there was a problem at... (4 replies)
... Hot acid feeling in your throat or esophagus or both? ... (1 replies)
... weeks. I can't eat any more. Firstly I feel I can't swallow properly and secondly there is hardly a point in the day when I don't feel nauseus. I wake up with nausea and gingerly get out of bed as I feel shaky and weak also. The first thing I would like to do is vomit but I can't. ... (23 replies)

... So, I've had constant nausea for about 8-9 years, I think. I've seen 7 different primary care doctors, 2 gastroenterologists, 5 psychologists, 2 psychiatrists. I have had an endoscopy, where I found out that the bottom of my esophagus is eroded and that is likely causing the nausea. I did a barium swallow test, countless blood tests. I have been diagnosed with anxiety &... (10 replies)
... ribed my son an inhaler to use before sports activities, etc., but it has done little for him. I told the pediatrician what Jane's doc had said about "solve the reflux and you'll solve the asthsma". ... (12 replies)
... e 1st few months into the disorder, but over the past few months, the conditioned has worsened to the point that I have TOTALLY lost my appetite, feel persistend nausea in the morning and throughout the day, and actually throw up or come close to it if I eat any food. I usually have discomfort after eating. ... (3 replies)
... I had terrible, TERRIBLE reflux during my both of my pregnancies. I had it so bad, that I had acid come up thru my NOSE during the night. ... (8 replies)
... I wish for you a happy and nausea free vacation. Isn't the reglan helping today? ... (8 replies)
... Mylants will help you with constipation.... where as Pepto controls nausea and loose stools. If I had to pick one for acid I would probably pick Mylants, where as I would pick Pepto if I had nausea too. ... (2 replies)
... I have acid reflux that has gotten worse in the last 5 weeks and I have had nausea almost constantly. I find immediately after I eat or drink the nausea is worse. I am on medication for it and I take Maalox which does not seem to be working well. ... (6 replies)
... The nausea plus the stress from it causes more's a vicous cycle! ... (7 replies)
... If you are asking if I realize each time I'm having reflux the answer is no. I've never regurgitated or thrown up do to reflux. The feeling I get is nausea and sometimes a lump around my adams apple. Basically just a general sense of not feeling well. Sometimes I'll feel like I could throw up but never do. ... (4 replies)
... minutes after taking Omeprazole, and I started to get warm and nausea kicked in. Somehow I were not able to relax to calm down the heart palpitation, my heart kept beating fast on and on for several hours. ... (3 replies)
... hard to diagnose...In any case is most common to people without a gall balder which is my case...and is very painful....and PPIs dont' fully work for me... bile reflux can cause nausea..stomach pain etc. ... (45 replies)
... I would recommend that you try to relax and try not to let this consume you which it can at times. It is important for you to try to find out what is causing the reflux and then you and your doctor can figure out the best course of treatment. The Linx may or may not be the best treatment for you. ... (45 replies)
... Hi. I just registered. I hope I can get some guidance here. Long post with many details so I can get some good answers. So about two weeks ago I had Mexican food. 1 burrito (cheese, beans, rice, meat), 2 tacos (carne asada) with salsa (green/red sauce..spicy). The food wasn't really that good at all. Fast forward to 3AM later that night and I wake up to feel my heart... (9 replies)
Bile reflux ?!
Sep 22, 2013
... hi im 27 years of age , an am currently been seen in hospital as I may have bile reflux ! ... (1 replies)
... my reflux so I have to take something. ... (6 replies)
... acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. I know that gastroparesis is supposed to cause early satiety, but she is constantly hungry. More like starving. ... (2 replies)
... Has your son had a gastric emptying study, it determines if the food moves along correctly, if abnormally slow, that can cause nausea and vomiting. There are medications that help speed things along. ... (13 replies)

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