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... ginger root and making tea with it works equally well. Unfortunatelly, the relief is only temporary, as you know. I am on Reglan now which has taken care of the nausea completely. What a great feeling! I try not to think and worry about its side effects. ... (4 replies)
... nausea medicine. Boy, this medicine put me to sleep and I am still groggy!!! However, the nausea has in the mean time subsided for now and I hope it stays that way. I will have to follow up with GI soon. ... (53 replies)
... or a year and it quit working so they just switched me to Nexium. They said I might have to keep switching around medicines since my body builds a tolerance. The nausea is really awful and I have to really watch my diet and what I eat. ... (11 replies)

Feb 15, 2005
... y own world. I used to be sick ALOT atleast 4 times a week. Well that was years ago.... but for me i found eating small amounts and early in the evening as i get acid reflux around night time. ... (10 replies)
... Wow, that sounds awful. I have pretty much the same thing, just no pain mess because they had made it worse. but yeah, definitely wasn't going to try any juices, they always have way too much acid. I do have a gastro appointment on the 7th so if they surprisingly do something helpful I'll let you know & see if you can try it! (10 replies)
... in my stomach as it is now. I also had a lot of stress in my life plus I popped aleve like it was candy, which I think started the inflammation up. So that I had nausea almost every day. I started on Aciphex but it seemed to take forever to help, if it ever did. ... (206 replies)
... I posted this question on the Gall Bladder forum, but the participants suggested I have an acid reflux problem instead. I was hoping for advice moving forward. ... (2 replies)
... And Ginger didn't help me while I was so nauseous that night. It made the acid worse and I could actually taste the ginger if I burped. ... (4 replies)
... or specifically, the damage that the acid has caused. ... (7 replies)
... I am depressed to admit defeat After weaning off my PPI for a few months I have just had a terrible week and have put in a prescription request to go back on it. Last night I had extreme nausea, so I guess my stomach is needing some protection just now Couldn't have a hot drink as my oesophagus really hurt as it went down, and ALL foods caused reflux Funny (well, not so... (7 replies)
... e undone due to lifting heavy luggage. The second one slipped. I am not trying to alarm you because I do not regret having the Nissens since I was miserable with acid reflux and LPR. ... (14 replies)
... It does sound like Acid Reflux. ... (2 replies)
... Not sure I saw this, so I thought I'd start a discussion. There is absolutely no question that Acid Reflux/GERD makes it much harder to exercise, but it obviously doesn't give anyone an excuse not to do so. For me, If I'm doing some fast running and/or jumping, the chances are that whatever is in my stomach will come up and give me a very uncomfortable feeling (not... (2 replies)
... There are a thousand different versions of the reflux diet, although they all suggest avoiding coffee and high fat foods. ... (8 replies)
... Meteclopramide can help - it is a "prokinetic" - it encourages movement down the GI tract away from your oesophagus, it also tightens the oesophegal sphincter. It has been around for many years, is cheap and safe. It might be worth asking your doctor about it, maybe asking about a 1 week trial of it? A lot of doctors think of it mainly as a drug for nausea, but it is... (7 replies)
... bout a week ago. It was only black a few times according to hubby so he says it is nothing to worry about , he says let it go I will be alright.He still has the nausea , the stomach pain and the bloating and the burping and some diarrhea and is still going to the restroom not long after eating at times. ... (4 replies)
... Having a daughter with chronic reflux...pepcid and mylant are the way to go. Try taking pepcid 1/2 hour prior to a meal for the next few days. See if this works. For fast acting relief take 2 tbs of mylanta or 2 gelcaps immediately. Then proceed to take the pepcid 1/2 hr before the next meal. Remember to avoid eating spicy, heavy foods. Also avoid carbonated beverages,... (5 replies)
... I'm telling ya the nausea for 3 yrs has been awful. ... (8 replies)
... Although I'm not glad to hear either of you are suffering from this; it is nice to know I'm not alone. I am currently on medical leave because I can't get out of bed for very long most days. Does anyone else experience extreme fatigue? Also, if it's not too personal, what do you do financially? I don't know if I'll be able to go back to work and we're starting to fall... (10 replies)
... Hi, I'm am dealing with almost the same thing except they can't find the problem, it's been 3 yrs. 2 gastros, a psych, I was on pain meds for 15 yrs, thought that was it so I was detoxed Mar 22, wasn't it, that was worse than a c section btw. I find lorazapam or xanax will help at times. Ginger gum, cinnamon toast is the only thing I can eat and that's not til 10 am or so.... (10 replies)

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