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... I am a 29 male.. and have had issues with acid reflux alot in the last year.. ... (4 replies)
New and Scared...
Nov 11, 2014
... Hello and sorry to here you are hurting. I suffer from GERD. Here are a some questions I have to get started. ... (6 replies)
Mar 4, 2014
... I was put on a ppi initially for exactly the same symptoms I am having now. I did the scope thing and was told I had inflammation and gerd. It took a long time on Aciphex to get the problem under control. I have been on several PPI's since then ending on Nexium. ... (2 replies)

... in my life, and suddenly in January I started getting a lump in my throat feeling, that felt better as I ate, but came back when I was done. ... (5 replies)
... Hi fyreangel! You are right about slippery elm, when it turns into a gel it coats the oesphagus and stomach on its way down. It actually is not too bad, try and think of it in terms of a tasteless jelly and just drink it in one go. I often find if you dont think about it and just gulp it its not as bad. ... (17 replies)
... I'm a 36 year old male from London and have always been fit and well. ... (3 replies)
... You know, sometimes the medicines do cause nausea. My doctor put me on Aciphex and I immediately became horribly nauseous. I stopped the medicine, and it went away again. The other PPIs did not cause this problem. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this board. As mentioned in the subject in April, 2012 I was diagnosed with gerd reason being I had bad chest pain, really bad heart beat and nausea. I had 3 ECG done on me as well and all came out clear. ... (1 replies)
... Hi all, Not sure this is the right section to post this - but I'm looking for some advice on what condition I may have. I was going through a stressful time for 12 weeks and right after the stress ended (pretty much the next day) I awoke to really severe stomach pain. It was a severe stomach pain that was above the belly button and got much better after eating (and I had... (1 replies)
... I have had reflux and have been on Nexium for about 10 years. The past 2 years my GERD symptoms have gotten worse. I tried Dexilant which made me feel worse, and Nexium plus pepcid, but I am getting sicker and sicker. Endoscopy showed reflux and mild gastritis, biopsy normal, no HP bacteria. ... (3 replies)
... For me, the Domperidone keeps me from getting full so quickly and lets me eat things like whole grains and vegetables. ... (29 replies)
... Thank you for the concern. I appreciate it. It seems people around me don't understand what I have and just assume I brought this upon myself, or I am exaggerating my problems for attention. ... (3 replies)
... I am 19 years old and have had constant digestive issue since i was young. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Everyone. For the GERD, Hiatal Hernia, and IBS symptoms, I'll share my story. I have always had a pretty good digestive tract, except for nausea from motion sickness. Very lucky that way. Anyway, last year I got a massive fingernail infection, which they were unable to accurately diagnose. ... (10 replies)
... dont know what should I do with this..I eat veges, fruits, drink water..but it just not after like 5 days...I cant bear anymore, i went to pharmacy and he give me laxative tablet...I have no choice..I couldnt swallow more food unless, it came out...after taking only once laxatives tablet.... ... (18 replies)
... My GERD acts up even after an hour or so of taking my PPI. In betweens I try to take home remedies like ginger tea... ... (3 replies)
... most of the time. Nexium gives her diarrhea and nausea. ... (25 replies)
... ray and lung exam with stethoscope. As far as the stress goes...whats new? ... (23 replies)
Mar 24, 2006
... tightness in my chest and throat. I often, almost all the time, feel like something is stuck in my throat as well...something sharp like a piece of food and nothing is there. ... (3 replies)
... which means you would need to have presented in your past symptoms coherent with GERD, not just at one occasion. And they didn't really perform any tests as far as I can tell. ... (1 replies)

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