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... I'm miserable and confused. Is nausea a real symptom of IBS or GERD? ... (13 replies)
... Good question....I have nausea daily. Sometimes even allow myself to vomit for relief. It's no fun. ... (2 replies)
... I have lived with daily nausea for about a year and a half. I don't know what's causing it. ... (13 replies)

Feb 19, 2011
... I can empathize with you so much. It's hard to describe to others when nausea is a constant in your life. ... (12 replies)
Feb 19, 2011
... A.M. until the morning. I did not vomit but the nausea continued. ... (12 replies)
... up with Helidac treatment. I am experiencing some symptoms again. I do not have any heartburn at all. I do have nausea, no appetite and abdominal discomfort daily and my doctor has put me on protonix 40 mg. ... (1 replies)
... I was having the same problem with nausea and acid reflux. ... (13 replies)
... antacid that can be prescribed. Nothing helps. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this or knows anything that will help me. On a daily basis I eat maybe once, and after that I'm nauseous all day. This is controlling my life, I can't go out and have fun I can't do anything. Someone please help. ... (10 replies)
... I can't give you answers because I am Not a doctor - I was told I have Acid Reflex after going to three doctors for nausea. After googling hours of information on this subject, I decided on Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar - in Minutes it completly takes away all nausea. Research it and if you feel it is for you,, try it. (2 replies)
... Even though I only took them for a month, I had lingering side effects and acid rebound for several months afterwards, including daily nausea and almost complete inability to eat most days. ... (5 replies)
... Joney and TKC, :) thank you very much for your posts. I am waiting to have some tests run. Unfortunately, I have to wait several weeks. The tests should help determine what the problem is. I hope I won't get any bigger. I wish I could be certain it is only fluid retention. It does not look like it so far. I don't know how much weight I gained over a period of about 2 1/2... (13 replies)
... I am having terrible and scary stomach issues right now. My nausea is the worst it's ever been. My stomach is hugely swollen. That is why I am asking. ... (13 replies)
... To be honest, my nausea is gone at the moment and I don't have pain. This has been the way my life has been. ... (13 replies)
... I get really bad nausea when my GERD flares. ... (13 replies)
... is lemon flavored, and I believe it's all natural. Soda crackers work for me as well. I heard gingerale helps but I have never tried it. My symptoms are gas, nausea cramping. And the whole swallowing thing. It feels like the food gets stuck when going down. Good luck, hope this helps. ... (13 replies)
... But, having all that...I've had nausea for months at a time this last year. I took Prevacid Solutab and finally got rid of the chest pain, but I still have this weird breathing thing going on. ... (23 replies)
... Dear Solofelix; What was ghastly about the h.pylori treatment? And was it successful? Also, did your GERD symptoms improve/go away after successful treatment? HateGERD (6 replies)
... as needed. I have needed it once today and the nausea is gone. I am also having to gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar every night with very warm water and just began this process last night. ... (3 replies)
... that was. I feel for you as Nausea is awful, but it seems to be an after effect of the treatment. ... (5 replies)
Feb 17, 2011
... Thanks for your answer. I am going to try eating at more regular intervals, I'm hoping that will help. I also think I am going to have to stop drinking coffee all together. I was only drinking one daily but I'm thinking since this latest bout of GERD has been bad, the acid/caffeine isn't helping. (12 replies)

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