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Feb 17, 2011
... Thanks for your answer. I am going to try eating at more regular intervals, I'm hoping that will help. I also think I am going to have to stop drinking coffee all together. I was only drinking one daily but I'm thinking since this latest bout of GERD has been bad, the acid/caffeine isn't helping. (12 replies)
... I am 19 years old and have had constant digestive issue since i was young. I have been told that i MIGHT have GERD or IBS Tested negative for Celiacs. Here are my symptoms: Daily Nausea Hiccups Feeling full after small amount of food Bloating(often before i have eaten) (14 replies)
... I am 19 years old and have had constant digestive issue since i was young. My Doctor has vaguely told me i have GERD or IBS (runs in my family). Have had no further testing done apart from a blood test:Tested negative for Celiacs. Here are my symptoms: Daily Nausea Hiccups (14 replies)

... My GI doctor treated my symptoms like any other stomach issue with PPI meds, Maalox and such. We never got down to the real reason for nausea and that bruised feeling in the ribs. I insisted on more tests. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate for your medical issues. ... (13 replies)
... Hi there, My initial symptoms were like a fullness and belching sensation which just came on me overnight and lasted for weeks, I also felt a dull pain between my shoulder blades (wind causes this) and I also felt a discomfort and bruised like feeling on my lower right ribcage. (The symptoms are very like gallstones without any real pain.) I have a great experienced doctor... (13 replies)
... Yep, been there. I had it mostly in the morning for quite a while. At first, I thought it was because I was taking a multi vitamin but not eating enough. Eating breakfast helped, but it came back. The doc put me on PPIs, which I took at night, and that helped for a while, but then it came back. The doc changed me to twice a day PPI, but that didn't help. So, I went on... (13 replies)
... Well, I don't have an exact answer for the nausea yet, however, my GI decided to send me for a Biliary Scan with CKK to check my gallbladder for disfunction. ... (13 replies)
... The daily regurgitation is really affecting my ability to work. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you ladybug and sealbeachluvr. I do have insurance, so I might go to a ear, nose throat doctor. This is driving me crazy. I didn't realize that nausea is related to pnd. Good to know since I thought there was something else wrong with me. ... (3 replies)
... ee if you don't have the side effects you are describing. There are so many different PPI's available that it is hard for me to see the justification for feeling nausea daily unless you absolutely have to. ... (10 replies)
... im not a really good help on this board o.O but i think i have acid reflux too. Not as bad, your condition seems to really suck, and im sorry you have to go through that.... Summer of 07 *i think maybe 06* i was like throwing up EVERY night, and ( i dont know if you're on any medicine) but the doctor dude at Children's hospital put me on Prevacid to take daily, and this... (13 replies)
Heartburn help!!
May 12, 2008
... Susie - Any updates on your situation? I was diagnosed with gastric polyps a week ago after being on Protonix for 4 years. Still awaiting pathology report. There is no doubt that I want to stop taking these meds. Thanks and I hope you're feeling better. (24 replies)
Heartburn help!!
Mar 4, 2008
... I have had gerd for 5 years. Prilosec used to help but now i have hours of nausea daily with heartburn and have learned after an endoscopy that I have gastric polyps. Polyps can be a side effect of prilosec. ... (24 replies)
... Hi all, I have had this problem for a year now. Sorry for long text & hope to hear from somebody * Random uncontrollable retching/dry heaves - no vomiting just everything but. After this I usually feel OK. Sometimes mornings worse & after defecating but not always. Kept a food diary & no pattern emerged. Sometimes ok for a week and whilst on omeprazole for almost a month.... (2 replies)
... First should explain my symptoms.. I often feel nausea in the morning when I first sit up. ... (0 replies)
... Hello Everyone I've been having some problems with heartburn and constipation, and trying to solve both at the same time. I'm not entirely happy with how th emedications have worked, so I wrote everything out so I could keep it straight, and I thought I would post here to see if anyone had any suggestions. Situation: 0. I was taking Miralax and Omeprazole for maybe... (1 replies)
... however, it only last about 6 hours. When that nausea feeling comes on again, I freak out and grab my medicine. ... (26 replies)
... however, it only last about 6 hours. When that nausea feeling comes on again, I freak out and grab my medicine. ... (26 replies)
... had never heard of it before so i just believed i took the tecta every dau for about a month...well with the way my moms health was so up and down on a daily basis my stomach was just nuts,,so the tecta didnt really seem to work.i never had reflux until i started taking the meds.... ... (26 replies)
... woke up and started recalling some details that I had not really paid attention to. One, this all started only approximately an hour and a half after taking my daily dose of Dexilant. ... (7 replies)

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