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... Hi Loves: I feel your pain as someone who never had any reflux symptoms until about four years ago and then, out of the blue, have experienced them since. Aciphex is a very effective PPI acid suppressor. I took it for almost three years with no apparent side effects. I went from constant burning to no symptoms at all. I could indulge in coffee, wine, all sorts of spicy... (38 replies)
Sep 30, 2010
... rotonix 40mg, then 80mg, no relief. Now on Prevacid 60mg and it's slightly better but still not anywhere near the level of control I need to function. I've got daily heartburn, burning throat, esophogeal spasms, nausea. Getting scared that I'm headed towards that place where I don't have many options. ... (6 replies)
... I've had chronic GERD for 12+ years and was 95% controlled w/ prilosec 20 mg a day up until about 4 mos. ago. Since then I've tried bumping the prilosec to 40 mg, protonix 80 mg, and now prevacid 60 mg a day, and none of them seem to be working much anymore. I've got daily heartburn, nausea, chest/back pain, burning in the throat etc. I'm really getting worried as I... (0 replies)

... ey discovered that I had a hiatus hernia. On 3 seperate occasions i have what i call 'attacks' I get intense stomach craps and throughout my back and have severe nausea and feel lightheaded and dizzy. ... (2 replies)
... The heat is so bad right now feeling like 105 degrees outside but just going out and doing daily things has made me lose my appetite and my stomach gets nausea. I take zantac twice a day. ... (4 replies)
... I've been taking Zegerid 40mg once daily for three months. ... (5 replies)
... I have had two pretty lousy days of feeling nauseous and with heartburn on and off (not the worst kind like in the early days off PPI's but annoying enough to keep me in a bad mood). These are the days when I feel so tempted to go grab that bottle of Aciphex and pop one in. The sad thing is that I am being very good about my diet trying to keep those carbs low and not eating... (110 replies)
... I think the consensus is to NOT get off the PPI's cold turkey. I almost did that and have suffered a lot. I tapered off a bit and then went from the PPI to Zantac and experienced a heck of a rebound. I have good days and bad days on Zantac. I don't know at this point how much of what I am experiencing is still rebound and how much is just my GERD. I have experienced nausea... (110 replies)
... Somethings gotta happen soon, its ruining my daily life and I am beginning to feel depressed. ... (7 replies)
... one since my procedure last October. I'd repeat this surgery in a heartbeat. I do still have serious acid production so I still take the Kapidex or Previcad x2 daily and watch my diet and lifestyle too. Per my GI, stopping the meds would mess my IBS up even more so I'm on the meds for life even after the surgery. ... (10 replies)
... Last night I started my first twice daily dose of prevacid. I have been on 30mg once a day for years and was just asked to go up to twice per day. I did and ws fine last night, just a headache. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks. Fortunately I'm at the other end of the weight spectrum. After 4 kids I only weigh 109lbs at 5'3 (10lbs less them I did in high school). A lot is b/c I'm an an active person but the past 2-3 years it's been because I feel so sick all the time that I don't eat as much. I also rarely have problems sleeping so I don't have my bed on an incline. Besides, wouldn't... (8 replies)
... years I have been dealing with nausea and stomachaches almost on a daily basis and it just seems to be getting worse. I've been having terriblly heavy periods over the past year which has made me very anemic. ... (3 replies)
... decided not to take prilosec 10 mg cause of side effects talked to pharmacist, going to try famatodine 10mg lowest dose twice daily to counter possible rebounding acid,today stomach burning when i woke up amd really nausea now i take a stress eaze b vit should i will it do more damage please respond (3 replies)
... Hi there, I was just wondering how you are now? I am experiencing the exact same problems and have recently been scanned for gallbladder polyps which I also have and I am now on a waiting list to have my gallbladder removed. (which is the last thing I want to do, but there seems to be no choice) Wouldn't it be great if there was something we could do naturally (i do not... (13 replies)
... Oh yeah I get this too. In fact sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and toss out my dinner. I suspected at the time it was from my GERD but now I suspect it could be from my possible colitis....maybe both. (13 replies)
... Is this an insurance issue ? I have been on both Nexium, and Prevacid (presently on Prevacid 2x daily like you were ). For me, Prevacid is far more effective . I was temporarily switched to Nexium for 6 months (insurance) a while back, and it was far inferior in controlling my symptoms. I went back to the Prevacid, and pay the higher copayment gladly. It should not take... (6 replies)
... I am also on 2 other asthma medications daily also. ... (6 replies)
My treatment
May 18, 2008
... taking it, then after a few days the symptoms go away. Thus, as long as I take it once a week, I keep my symptoms at bay. I still have some reflux, but not the nausea or the heartburn which make it hard to function. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, thanks for taking the time to type your post! I wish I had some advice to give. Seems like you've done all kinds of research, are extremely well informed about your condition and somewhat at a standstill right now. When reading the posts on this board, I find that our symptoms vary though, of course, there's always a common denominator. Do you get nausea? That's been a... (68 replies)

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