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... I don't know what is wrong with my stomach except the dr found red patchy areas in my upper stomach during an upper endoscopy, so she told me I had acid reflux. ... (8 replies)
... taking other things in addition to the PPI. ... (11 replies)
... times a week for my pain. I went to the ER last week because the burning in my stomach was so bad I couldn't take it. They did an ultrasound on my liver, gallblader and kidneys and saw nothing. ... (2 replies)

... Don't miss this great opportunity to take a long awaited vacation. You can contact the Cruise company in advance and give them your dietary needs so the dining room provides you with foods you can eat or ones that cause the least problems for your stomach. ... (9 replies)
... I have had this burning tongue on occasions. I also have a permanant jelly like substance stuck in my throat. It takes ages for the smallest amount to come up. Usually it just goes up and down in my throat. ... (13 replies)
... ly though, hearburn always comes back. Ive heard other people with the same problems. Lately I have been having a full stomach feeling sometimes and a lump stuck in the throat feeling and naseous feeling. My tounge has a yellowish color that comes back after I brush it clean and a slight tickle cough. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone and thank you all for the good wishes for my tests. Thank goodness they are all over. The only thing I know is I had mild inflammation in the stomach and some little pockets in the colon. I have to wait for the results of the biopsies before I can ask all my questions. ... (206 replies)
... Hi everyone! I am sorry you guys are still in pain. I mentioned what worked for me, but as with everything, your mileage may vary. ... (10 replies)
... and Peptac liquid and that I should have counselling! I got quite angry at this point as I've been in dreadful pain all weekend. I got back in and rang the surgery to complain. Predictably, he said he didn't want to try anything else til after my Endoscopy. ... (6 replies)
... Try elevating ur head 6 in at nite, don't eat after 6ish, eat small meals several times a day. I've been reading and reading. There are also ginger teas. ... (6 replies)
... acid reflux and IBS. I have flare ups all the time. Especially because I also have severe anxiety, and if I eat wrong. ... (19 replies)
... I rarely vomited even before my surgery. Like, 3 times in the last 10 years. I have not vomited at all since. ... (7 replies)
... The pain starts in the middle of the upper abdominal where the rib cage ends and it extends down maybe about 3 inches with the greatest pain around that 3 inch mark. ... (6 replies)
... I'm at my wits end 6 weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died 2 weeks ago x but because of the stress etc ive had extreme burning in my stomache chest and back had nausea every day everything i eat sets me off im not eating masses as i have no appetite im very anxious nervy etc my life is rubbish i feel ill every day and monday i was rushed to a and e... (4 replies)
... t even know what I was tested for. I'd never heard of H.Pylori until after the endoscopy and after mentioning it to my GP she said they would have picked that up in the blood tests they did. I'm not sure what tests they were though , so wheter they would have picked them up or not without actually looking I'm not sure. ... (14 replies)
... Hi, I'm not sure about finding an Ulcer with a Barium Meal test. Mine was discovered along with H.Pylori with an Endoscopy/Biopsy. Its possible I have another Ulcer and am seeing my GI Dr shortly. They are so painful. What are your symptoms. Mine are Belching/Gas/Nausea and awful pain anywhere between my Belly and my Ribs. Like you I keep hoping I don't have to have... (14 replies)
... some vegetables do set off my stomach, but I've learned to stay away from them just from experience throughout my life and dealing with acid reflux. the chocolate and meat idea might prove to lead somewhere, some rich foods also make me vomit. ... (2 replies)
... The hernia itself doesn't hurt but the side effects it causes does in that I get all different types of stomach pain, cramps, sharp pains, nausea , wind pains. Not all at once !! ... (14 replies)
... Thanks for the quick response solofelix! I will be sure to get the test done. Most of the doctors I have seen immediately think it's psychological due to an increase in symptoms when nervous/anxious but even when I'm home resting I can still feel just as terrible. I realise the brain is powerful but I don't think it's the cause. Did your doctors do the same? Out of... (14 replies)
... Biopsy revealed I had H.Pylori, this is a nasty bacteria in the stomach, the only treatment for it is an Antibiotic regime, I had all your symptoms and it can appear at any age. ... (14 replies)

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