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... with the nausea when I take the protonix. My appetite has returned and the bloating is much less. When I lay down the nausea is lessen. I wake up without any nausea but when the day goes on that is when the bloating and the nausea comes on. Any one has any ideas or experiences that they can relate to? ... (1 replies)
... I have had nausea for many moths now. ... (1 replies)
Stop the NAUSEA!
Nov 29, 2006
... headed when this happens. I tried adding a little ginger to my tea the last couple days and it seems to help. ... (9 replies)

... ello. I am new to the boards. I have a question that I hope somone will be able to help me with. My daughter, age 8, has for the past 2 years, been experiencing nausea usually at bed time. I've had her at Children's Hospital to try to get to the bottom of it. I've kept journals of what she was eating, kept track of bm's,etc.... ... (2 replies)
... A few days ago I drank a bunch of sodas in a row on an empty stomach. Then I tried to throw up and all the came up was spit. When I sit up I'm fine, but a few mintues after I lay down and try to go to sleep, I get jolts of nausea. It only happens when I lay down. ... (0 replies)
... i have IBS, i thought it was just that. but i feel nausea everyday. before it was in bursts, i could eat ok, it just came in waves. ... (8 replies)
... also sometimes when lying down it feels like something in there is tickling or wiggling around, mostly dependent on gravity i.e. ... (2 replies)
Stop the NAUSEA!
Nov 29, 2006
... Hi 652, its me again. Talk abotu nausea I don't know if my case still falls under what you called a normal GERD symptoms.. my nausea is so bad that I feel sometimes that I will wet myself.. you know like just lose all your control like having a stroke? ... (9 replies)
... A foul taste every time I burp, or simply by lying on my right side. ... (0 replies)
... but gets worse when bending over. Mild nasuea sometimes, stools are fine. ... (1 replies)
... Previously felt very nauseous but the nausea felt like it was coming from the throat area rather than the stomach. This has mostly subsided now also. ... (1 replies)
... I often have trouble breathing, my stomach burns and when lying down, it gurgles. No medication seems to help. I do not take any prescription drugs, only vitamins. ... (3 replies)
... hi, thanks for getting back to me. yes gravityis definatley a big factor! if i bend over it feels like my insides will spill out my mouth. i havent had my gallbladder checked or anything. whyat does a hernia feel like. when im lying down if i press anywhere between bellybutton and in between my ribs its to tender, not in a pain sort of a way, i feel sick and i dont know... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. Sorry you're going through the lump bit of it! Annoying right? Since the Nexium doesn't help anymore are you taking anything else? The local teaching hospital rec'd a ENT for the LPR and if was GERD then the gastro. Especially because my concerns were from the throat & the breath. I go to take my x-rays tomorrow so who knows where I'll end up after... (21 replies)
... difficulty swallowing when lying down. ... (21 replies)
... On the second night it happened again but didn't disappear as it had the previous night. When I woke up in the morning I still had it and it wasn't until later that evening that it went away. ... (4 replies)
... I started taking ginger every day to help combat the nausea and it has helped a great deal. I also suck on a peppermint candy which helps to calm the nausea down. I have also found that lying on my left side just about makes the nausea go away but if I'm having a really bad case, it starts back up when I get up. ... (4 replies)
... e 1st few months into the disorder, but over the past few months, the conditioned has worsened to the point that I have TOTALLY lost my appetite, feel persistend nausea in the morning and throughout the day, and actually throw up or come close to it if I eat any food. I usually have discomfort after eating. ... (3 replies)
... Sometimes I'll have them at work when the only thing in my stomach is my morning breakfast. ... (4 replies)
... nausea med in my IV. I never gagged or vomited and the nausea only lasted for 30 min or so. Once the surgeon saw there was no leakage, I was put on liquid only diet and the transition to oral pain meds began. ... (15 replies)

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