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... I'm out of any acid meds and can't decide to go back on Nexium twice a day again or what. I was using OTC Prilosec but honestly I'm not better on them. I did get 2 nasal sprays and one is not a steriod. ... (13 replies)
... People with GERD have long used antacids to battle heartburn. ... (0 replies)
... Does GERD/acid reflux run in the family? Perhaps you would want to suggest to your Dr. running an endoscopy/colonoscopy. I know it sucks, but you might have to take Prilocec EVERYday. I know some people claim that apple cider vinegar may be a good alternative. Good luck and keep up updated! (1 replies)

... ch and intestines, chest xray, bloodwork, EKG.. and stress test, echo, just showed gas and the constipation... I am afraid to eat.. I eat as bland as I can, take prilosec 40 mg a day and gas x for gas.. but I am afraid of the cancer thing too. I did think I was dying.. I still have off and on symptoms but not as bad as it was.. ... (8 replies)
... I know that Prilosec might not be strong enough for this disease, right? ... (3 replies)
... I am in the process of trying another new med for these conditions. I have tried, OTC Prilosec 20mg once daily....protonix 40mg daily....prevacid 15mg daily and Dexilant 60mg daily...of course not all at one time.,.. ... (2 replies)
... MountainReader - you are such a help. :) I'm a pretty healthy eater already and rarely eat fried or fatty foods, so that's not a big challenge for me. I was a loyal, daily tea drinker tho' (several cups a day in the cold months) and also a chocolate loyalist (the good, dark stuff), so giving those up has been hard. In fact, I wonder if the tea habit might have been the... (12 replies)
... ay and was replaced with chronic cough, trouble swallowing, and chronic shortness of breath. A month later my chronic cough disappeared and I started off taking Prilosec after having chronic shortness of breath and reflux symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... I know that the decision to take PPI's isn't one to make lightly. When the homeopathic solutions didn't work for me, I found that I needed to seriously consider them though. I've taken all of the PPI's on the market currently. Last year when my reflux was flaring bad, I tried one after another trying to find one that worked best. My Gastroenterologist didn't have me wait... (3 replies)
... it sounds like your problem is reflux, but it never hurts to lean toward the cautious side. That, and you will need a doctor to prescribe you some of the better GERD treatments out there such as Nexium, or Prilosec. ... (2 replies)
... one dose or two, my reflux was worse than I have ever had and I developed symptoms I had never had before. On Nexium I was really sick the entire month and I ended up on Prednisone. I then went on Aciphex for 5 weeks. Spent one week on one per day, then the rest on 2 per day. ... (20 replies)
... It's one of the juices that I can't tell anyone about. Go figure, Here we are ti help each other in any way we can but then can't. What I don't understand is why some can and others can't. (8 replies)
... I started with Previcid, then Prilosec on to Nexium 40 mg twice a day. Was put on "both" Nexium and Protonix for awhile. Stopped all PPI's couple of months ago as I was doing so well but then the heartburn started! ... (8 replies)
... just made an appointment with a Gastro for next Thursday. My Dad has had Acid Reflux his whole life and has gone through a bunch of pills and finally stuck with Nexium as it has been the best for him. I have been wanting to switch, but haven't because I want to see a specialist first. I'm kinda scared though. ... (8 replies)
... I have been back and forth between the cardiologist and gastroenterologist for 2years now. I am told my heart is not the problem that I have GERD and IBS. There was a point when I stopped taking nexium and zyrtec and started taking Digestive advantage for gas and lactose intollerance. ... (1 replies)
... Most of the time taking GERD medicine is a mix and match game... some medds that work for a person doesnt work on the other... ... (14 replies)
... ventricular contractions of the heart. They are harmless, but people with GERD tend to have them more something about the acid stimulating the Vagus Nerve. Have you had a EKG? ... (13 replies)
... Flemmy, As the previous poster said, you need 2 doses of a maxiumum-strength Proton Pump Inhibitor each day to clear up LPR. You can't cure it, but it can be effectviely managed. Prilosec OTC is the only non-prescription PPI, but it is offered at the weakened strength (20 mg) and it has a very bad reputation for helping with LPR on this board (seems to help more with... (8 replies)
... I'm taking 2 Nexium 40 mg per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. ... (3 replies)
Feb 27, 2006
... Andra, How was your dr. appt.? Are you feeling any better? To answer some of your last questions - I've been on PPI's for about 3 years. When I'm feeling good I cut back on the dosage, but then have flare ups and go heavy duty again. I was told that you are never "cured" of GERD, you just learn how to manage it. If your insurance won't cover Nexium, try Prilosec OTC -... (7 replies)

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