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... twice a day. The Omeprazole helped during the day, but the third evening the pain I felt was so horrid and intense! ... (32 replies)
... Hello! I've been dealing with stomach and sinus issues for about a year now, with no real relief. ... (6 replies)
... Bloating can be due to a few things..... a GP would need to diagnose For example I had severe bloating when I had gallbladder issues I also had bloating when I had gastritis I also read that low acid can cause bloating Reflux is a strange illness...we take PPI'S to lower production of acid and yet low acid can impeed digestion....we can't win I was once prescribed... (2 replies)

... tight, and sometimes at night I gag. I can sometimes hear my esophagus making a wringing sound. It is very painful. This problem stretches down to my stomach. My stomach is feeling swollen at the end of the day. It feels hard and bloated. ... (7 replies)
... i took a course of omeprazole and it solved the acid but i had awful stomach cramps which i put down to the medication although my whole digestive system had not felt happy before then. ... (0 replies)
... For the most part, I don't have heartburn. That is a good question though. If there is no acid, how does the stomach metabolize food without acid? ... (7 replies)
... male, 6'3 205 fit, and I'm starting to notice a little excess stomach fat. Maybe my natural metabolism is slowly down, but I've been working out a lot lately and it's not improving. ... (7 replies)
... something I'd never had before. I then read on the internet that if you didn't have an overproduction of stomach acid in the first place, that taking PPIs could actually cause you stomach to go into overproduction of acid and give you heartburn. ... (13 replies)
... pressure and bloating of my abdomen that alarmed me.. ... (1 replies)
... I've suffered a very long time with crippling symptoms from GERD. I've tried many things and relied on doctors for years without much luck. I've been on omeprazole and a whole variety of PPI's and H2 blockers for over a decade now and at some points I've found myself very desperate. ... (8 replies)
... I was on 40mg of the omeprazole and quit cold turkey so it was horrendous for me. I decided to suffer it out and not go back on it just to wean myself off. ... (13 replies)
... Acid reflux reared its ugly head. After endoscopy I was told I had lots bile in my stomach and put on Omeprazole.I believe I suffer from acid AND bile reflux. ... (0 replies)
At a Loss...
Jan 1, 2017
... Hi, all! New here. Came here in search of a forum like this to hopefully get some ideas as I'm at a complete loss...& I'm just SO tired! I've had digestive issues for over 20 years now. Started when I was about 20 and I'm now 43. First experience was gallstones. I constantly had heartburn & indigestion, explosive diarrhea, as well as raging pain & vomiting for anywhere... (0 replies)
... I was told not to take my Omeprazole dor 10 days prior to an endoscopy and then the endoscopy showed gastritis of the stomach and Duodenum.... ... (5 replies)
... I had a bout of 'inflammed' stomach about three years ago, it was left undiagnosed but I was given omeprazole which eventually cleared it up. I was having acid reflux, stomach pains, burping, bloating and a burning sensation. ... (5 replies)
... a tiny pain occasionally. This is why I should take a medicine that actually strengthens the stomach lining at least temporarily until the acid rebound subsides. ... (11 replies)
... Good luck Sam! You've given me some hope that in the future I may be able to get the surgery. Kepp us posted and Godspeed! (19 replies)
... ated beverages. It didn't really make much sense to have pains in my lower abdomen since obviously nothing was done there, so gas is my best guess. I also have bloating from overeating, but that is something I had prior to surgery as well. I'd say though after the surgery, bloating is more punishing. ... (19 replies)
... I had an endoscopy that showed a stomach full of bile and was put on Omeprazole. ... (10 replies)
... turning like stomach just before a bowel movement and then relieved afterwards? ... (13 replies)

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