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... I've heard two hypothesis about motility being the cause. Classical gastroenterologists speak of motility they mean that my stomach still think its eating so its gulping up air into my stomach that I then need to burp out. People who believe in SIBO, however, as a cause for GERD, refer to motility when they talk about how the stomach isn't clearing up properly and bacteria... (6 replies)
... I agree that's strange Being upright after meals you'd think would guarantee the stomach contents would remain in the stomach, not reflux By motility do you mean the stomach contents remain too long in the stomach? I had this after developing Gastritis and Duodenitis after coming off a PPI cold turkey prior to an endoscopy (as instructed). My symptoms were bloating, nausea... (6 replies)
... Also bloating etc. ... (21 replies)

... I do, as a side note though, I remember when I was growing up that my mum had a lot of gallstones. I'd not heard of Bile Reflux before, I've been reading about it for the last 20 mins after you mentioned it, it seems like the treatment is the same as for regular Reflux though? The only difference I could see was the mention of Baclofen (which I've not tried) as a means... (8 replies)
... I could really use some help/advice, my throat is burning so much I can barely speak, I'm seriously considering learning sign language after spending most of last week writing notes to people instead of talking. This is my first post even though I've been lurking here for a year or two, I'll try and keep it brief. I am 35. My primary symptom is a burning at the back of... (8 replies)
... I was in a similar situation as you. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories caused severe heartburn for which I took PPIs. I later learnt to understand what exactly anti-inflammatories do and then understood that it had caused oesophagitis. They strip the lining of protective mucous and then your own stomach acid burns and causes inflammation. It gets labelled as acid... (39 replies)
... Its possible you need something stronger than Gaviscon, maybe a PPI would help. ... (8 replies)
Nexium and itching
Apr 25, 2014
... Greetings. I'm 42, 245lbs. About two months ago I broke out in itching. Scalp, biceps, forearms, chest beneath the armpits, inside the elbows, breastbone, waistband, tops of my thighs, groin, behind the knees, base of the neck. After multiple attempts to handle it with creams, steroids, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial my allergist and I decided it might be one of... (1 replies)
... I am not a professional expert, but it sounds like you may need enzymes. No acid=very little to zero enzyme activity. While I was taking PPI's I depended on them (digestive enzymes) for proper digestion. If I didn't take one I'd get gas, bloating & terrible indigestion. Dr's Best enzymes & many more that you can buy at a health food store will break down everything you eat... (7 replies)
... eally helping me. I am struggling with the same thing. I was on Nexium 40mgs and have moved to 20mgs Prilosec but I am having some very bad days with the burning bloating headache sick feeling. I was ready to give up today and have struggled through it. ... (206 replies)
... PPi's didn't help at all just gave horrible bloating so stopped using them after few days. Ranitidine doesn't make any difference. ... (4 replies)
... Immediately I was suffering bloating pains and discomfort and was told by another consultant that I should NOT have stopped my medication! ... (13 replies)
... I had no idea PPI's could deliver all of those symptoms and what blows me away is that I basically have all of those symptoms! Makes me want to take my meds and flush them down the toilet and then I remember what it was like when I ran out of meds one time and thought I was going to die before I got my prescription renewed. Thanks for sharing your post with an unlearned... (12 replies)
... Have had reflux for yrs managed successfully with Protonix. In 2011 got first hiatal hernia and had partial fundoplication done but it turned out to b hell for me so in 2012 I had it undone with a second hernia fixed and I was better. Since spring of this yr I've had a 3rd hernia and return of gagging and nausea and irregularities and burning acid and sometimes heartburn. My... (0 replies)
Bravo ph test
Aug 26, 2013
... question all who are reading, is pressure in the abdomin " bloating" and difficulty breathing not associated with hiatal Hernaias or gerd? Nobody can tell me why I'm so bloated even when I don't eat constant burbing it feels like a presure pushing up into my throat and difficulty swallowing? (11 replies)
... Please a questin if I may can gerd hiatus and lpr cause the acid to affect your sinuses and plugged up ears since there both connected to the throat I have this plus the burning swallowing problem and could this cause me to be swallowing air with severe bloating? Thanks (21 replies)
... Question for you guys please, been dx with gerd and hiatal hernia , could this be causing my difficulty breathing feels like my a band around my stomach with bloating below,difficulty swallowing tightness in throat when swallowing, allways hungry and thirsty but bloated, pressure in head presumed from sinus nose is always draining and cant cough up phlem, ears feel full with a... (74 replies)
... I feel like this is going to be my whole life and I won't ever be able to achieve anything because of this mucus, I feel like there isn't even 1% hope that I can get better from this, it just really, really, really makes me feel bad about myself and I don't know what to do anymore. My symptoms include: - Mucus constantly in my throat. - Burping after meals / drinking,... (2 replies)
... drinking coffee..she never stopped eating differently at all..she can still eat all the bad stuff, does anyone know why,,she still gets heartburn and reflux and bloating but can pretty much eat whatever... ... (0 replies)
Nissen vs. Linx
Nov 12, 2012
... Yes, I was on Aciphex, then Nexium, then Dexilant all at the highest dose with little to no relief. No I am not on PPI's now. After years of living with many symptoms, having many scopes, many tests, different doctors, and a whole lot of money, I was so excited to find the Dr. who performed my LINX Procedure and Hernia repair. I went in for pre-op last Thursday, thinking... (27 replies)

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