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... It takes time but you can do it! Just don't go back to those meds, unless you really need to. My mistake was stopping the meds cold turkey. But if you stop them slowly the acid rebound might not be as bad. Best wishes. ... (13 replies)
... Yes I find the acid rebound from coming off PPI's worse than the acid I started with I came off them cold turkey the first time and after 3 days the acid came back, it took a week for it to go, so if you can bear a week go for it You can take Zantac or tums I had to go back on them as my acid returned 2 weeks later, which tells me there is a problem and I do need them... (9 replies)
... I managed to get off PPIs by taking acupuncture treatments and changing my diet drastically. I don't think it's a good idea to quit cold turkey. ... (68 replies)

... I had the TIF surgery in April and stayed on my Nexium until Aug. 5. I went off (cold turkey) for a second ambulatory pH test since I thought that I was still having acid reflux. The second pH test showed my reflux reduced considerably and I have stayed off of the Nexium. I am now having burning in my stomach and what feels like stomach spasms. Is this from going off the... (5 replies)
... an easy process, as the body has to adjust. I would ask him about spacing the timing between your Prozac and your nexium. I know that you should never just go cold turkey off of any prescription med...and a doctor should be advising you concerning that. ... (13 replies)
... Funney thing was I told a friend of mine what is happening to me and he had same issue when he stopped aciphex cold turkey after being on for 3 months. He had burning after sex and in urine. Took him over a month to stop. He managed with Zantec and TUMS. ... (9 replies)
... Taking a PPI every other day? ... (42 replies)
LPR Frustrations!
Jul 19, 2008
... Hi CharBerry, Yes, I have tried to get off the PPI's cold turkey (after only 8 weeks back in May), and ended up in the ER and had to also see a cardiologist. I flat out could not breathe at all and was vomiting. I just was so new to this I didn't know the cause. I have found out more on the internet than from any of my docs (Gastro, ENT or Family doc). I would really like... (34 replies)
... I had the same experience just last week; i've been on protonix for almost a year and a half; i started with lpr symptoms and only developed heartburnish problems six months into the ppi; i had been feeling pretty good and have wanted to get off the stuff and so two weeks ago today went off cold turkey and a few days later developed first a very strange sore throat i'd never... (2 replies)
Tried ACV.....
Feb 14, 2007
... Ah! Gotcha. I saw a naturopathic doc and asked how I should go about a trial of ACV. He recommended NOT doing it right away...he recommended weaning off the PPI (since I planned to go cold turkey), taking DGL 800mg a minimum 4x per day for at least a week, then trying 1 tsp. in a couple ounces of water with a meal. I followed that but during the week leading up to the... (5 replies)
... I have not had any side effects. It is not helping. I am getting the strong metallic taste in my mouth associated with acid reflux. It has gotten worse since I started. The only conclusion that I can make is that the Nexium 40 MG 2x a day is only hurting me, not helping. IS (5 replies)
... what side effects did you have that make you want to stop taking Nexium? (5 replies)
... I really don't know. I may just slowly go off of it and start supplimenting with other things. Maybe some natural remedies. Enzymes have helped me out a lot. I have never taken the medication and unless I'm spewing Acid nonstop I doubt I ever will. I think Enzymes address the underlying cause more than any medication. We have overworked our natural enzymes, so that our... (5 replies)

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