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... Yes, I am hoping that my dysmotility results were bad, and that my "trouble swallowing" and chest pain while I swallow is just anxiety. Because as soon as I was told that this last problems started. Last night a was able to eat a little more, (I have to eat to stop losing weight). Have you read about gastrin? It's in our stomachs and since the PPI's stopped our acid... (10 replies)
... In my case, I found out about the horrible acid rebound two weeks after I had stopped taking the PPI's so that's why I continued like that, I didn't want to start all over and I didn't know how bad it was going to be. In your case, if your symptoms are really bad then you should slowly stop it. Since it has been only one week since you stopped going back on it wouldn't hurt,... (10 replies)
... Thank you for the response. Yeah I'm not feeling the best now. But since Ive been off the PPI for over a week now ..... ... (10 replies)

... It is very encouraging to read your post. I was wondering if you could give me an update to how you are feeling, are you still PPI free? ... (6 replies)
... the burning stomach feels like there is a hot iron over the center area of the stomach. I'm also getting bloating along with it. I assume it is from hyper-acid secretion (8 replies)
... It did seem to stop the cough but it made me feel like some one was sticking their finger part way down my throat. Finally out of frustration I decided to stop cold turkey. The first day I felt wierd like I had the flu but that went a way after a day. ... (0 replies)
... Well, its been 28 days on my new low fat semi low carb diet and 18 days off 40mg nexium cold turkey. ... (113 replies)
... I stopped all ppis. I say all because I was back and forth with the omeprazole and Aciphex. I just stopped...I had it. I know it's not advisable to just quit cold turkey but I did it anyway. Last Tuesday was my last ppi. Wednesday I took nothing. ... (27 replies)
... and wean from there. I don't know if this is a good idea or not but I don't want to do cold turkey again even though my diet is much different than when I tried it earlier this year. I still haven't taken anything today yet. ... (24 replies)
... Flash forward to January of this year. I tried to go cold turkey and at the same time totally changed my diet. ... (24 replies)
... I think it actually took the healthy subjects longer than two weeks to feel "normal" again. In fact, these folks concluded that rebound can last for weeks and sometimes months. They are really not sure. Let the consumer beware! Rose (14 replies)
... There was a study done where they took non heartburn healthy paitents and put them on a daily dose of a PPI for 8 weeks and then had them go cold turkey. I took them 2 weeks on their normal diet before they were back to normal. ... (14 replies)
... When I stopped I had really bad reflux and burning for about a week, it slowly subsided. Funny thing is when I started PPI's I immediately got a dry mouth when I would sleep and in the morning, even though I no longer take them this side effect has yet to go away. Also, if you start taking DGL (licorce) for indigestion, don't let them disolve over your tongue, it makes your... (5 replies)
... I agree completely with this. I was on Nexium last January for 4 weeks . The last week I went to every other day. I was good until a few weeks ago when the GERD returned. I'm sure it was SOMETHING in my diet. I'm back on Nexium but determined to figure out what caused it.....could be coffee. I'm willing to dump coffee forever if need be. Someone told me it is smply because of... (10 replies)
... gradually! At least that's my experience. I tried to stop cold turkey with horrible results. ... (10 replies)
... I just went off cold turkey. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks MsNik. I actually havenít started the PPIs but Iím gonna give them a go here shortly because I need to control the SOB/Air hunger. (2 replies)
... her about your concerns. Dont ever stop taking a PPI cold turkey as this will definitely cause your condition to escalate. ... (2 replies)
... I'm currently on 20mg twice a day (started around February??) and the past two days I have taken one instead of two. I'm not sure if this is a good way to start weaning off or not. I haven't had any bad acid reflux, but I can feel pressure in both ears now. It feels like liquid moving around in both ears right after I eat, even if it's just soup. I'm guessing this is part of... (6 replies)
... Don't go off a PPI cold turkey! ... (6 replies)

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